Tuesday December 16th, 2014

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the apprentice.

Photography stuff went really well today, other than a bout of technical problems just as we began to take the product pictures after a round of test photos. At first we feared that my friend's flash trigger wasn't compatible with my camera and that something got fried.

Eventually, though, it was discovered we were merely victims of a battery apocalypse. The batteries in the trigger and both flashes needed replacing - for both the equipment we started with and their backups. I think the backup camera was the only thing with working batteries. Thankfully he had a huge stock on hand he could use to replace them all.

I'm extremely lucky to have found someone so knowledgeable (and generous with that knowledge) to walk me through this process. I'm an outdoor photographer who has struggled mightily with indoor shots. Plus I've never had this kind of equipment to work with.

Which I might not be able to say for too much longer. At least the cost of entry is a lot lower than I expected it to be. Well, it is when you've got someone who knows what he's doing on your side.

The pictures turned out great. There's still a bit of editing to be done (that's getting finished up tomorrow) but I think my client will be very, very pleased with the end results.

Heh, my client. What a delightfully strange thing to be able to say.


The equipment stops
working. Now the backups too?
Tiptoe for the door...

*     *     *

Master makes magic
for all the happy children.
Now I know his tricks.


Greg said...

Congratulations on the photoshoot! And I bet you were relieved when it turned out to be the batteries and not your camera frying delicate electronic equipment :) If nothing else, at least the batteries are easily replaceable.
I guess we probably won't see any of the pictures on your blog, given that they're shot for your client, but if they're anything like the outdoors pictures you've already shared with us then I expect they're pretty good (by the way, if you'd just taken up being a gigolo, which I'm sure I must have suggested already, you'd have been having clients for a long time now).
I like your first haiku better this week, because I've had exactly that feeling :)

The apprentice
He knows he is just
Ignorant, but he yearns to
Learn. He sweep the yard.

Repetition brings
Understanding; he becomes
Next a journeyman.

Marc said...

Greg - thanks! Oh yes, very much so. That tiptoe for the door was inspired by real events :P

I'll be sure to share a link to the website when the pictures are up!

I think I like your first one best this week. Just feels like an intriguing story waiting to be expanded.