Friday May 1st, 2015

The exercise:

Here we are, into the fifth month of the year already. Let us write four lines of prose about: the sucker.

Because we're at it again, planting more strawberries. It's time to get more started, as the plants that are going to produce this year will start producing less next year. Plus the hope is that we can find a way to manage these new ones a little more efficiently.

I guess we'll see about that.


"And there we go, it's full up again," Beverly announced as she shook her head at her computer screen.

"Happens every year," Jessica replied from behind her desk on the opposite side of the cramped room.

"I just... they know Psych 100 is a prerequisite for Psych 150 and that there's only one professor that teaches both of those classes... right?"

"I guess they're either suckers for punishment or... I don't know, they hope Mr. Peterson magically transforms into a man capable of teaching them something."


Greg said...

So i guess by planting new strawberries you're effectively moving the crop away to fresh ground so allowing the old ground a chance to rest and recover in a few years when the old plants aren't producing enough to be worthwhile? That's a nice way of getting crop rotation built in!
Heh, that's an interesting course to be sure! I think I had a lecturer or two like that back when I was at university, but sometimes they're the only one teaching that course and you really want to take it. Just not the lecturer.

The sucker
"I'm having the leech therapy," said Jocelyn as she and Marianne walked down the corridors of the spa. "It sounds a bit icky cos there's 700 of them, but the leeches don't really hurt and they said it cleanses the blood."
"I'm going with the lampreys," said Marianne, "'cos I get to be in the swimming pool with about sixty of them."
The door that closed behind them as they entered their treatment room bore a small sign they'd missed, which just read "Suckers."

Anonymous said...

Marc, I love your response to the prompt. It hit a little too close to home for a liberal arts college graduate like myself, though. I know the frustration all to well.

And I love yours, too, Greg. I like the tone you employ with both Jocelyn and Marianne. I also greatly enjoyed the ending and really want to know what's really awaiting them in the treatment room.

The Sucker:

He was still as cute as the day I first made him, my little monster. I watched from my low position on high as his deep red eyes—the color of coral in darkness—stared intently at his prey frantically splashing in the water. I smiled as my little terror, grown so fast from the bubble of joy he had been at his creation, wrap that man in his tentacles and give a squeeze. He then placed his mouth on the man’s horror-stricken face and began to suck the years right out of him.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, it's kind of a forced crop rotation. Makes things simpler, at any rate.

I'm having trouble deciding which of those two treatments I'd go with, should I be forced to choose. Both seem equally... unappealing.

Ivybennet - hah, thanks. I actually had the professor of my Psychology 100 class in mind while writing that. I took that class as an elective in my final year of university and could not believe she still had a job, much less taught more senior levels of the subject.

And yours is an enjoyably horrifying tale, I must say. Some great details really bring it to life with... enthusiasm :)