Tuesday May 5th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: young love.

It's a good thing I looked at the post list before opening up a new posting form, as previous to that I was very convinced that today is Monday. I was honestly like, 'What? Today is Tuesday? God, I have no idea what day it is...'

No clue how I managed that one. Kat worked with the kids today, which is strictly a Tuesday thing. Just before she went to bed I was talking to Kat about the walk she's doing with Max tomorrow morning, which I was fully aware was on the calendar for Wednesday.

Anyway. I'm feeling relieved it's haiku day, as I was struggling to come up with a prompt for longer form writing - or at least a topic that inspired me to create something longer than 6 lines long. So hurray for that?


Tender and cautious,
uncertain at every step;
this is how it starts

*     *     *

Walking hand in hand,
exploring this great big world -
toddlers together


Greg said...

I keep thinking it's Tuesday too, but it's actually Wednesday, no matter what you may have convinced yourself :-P But I have an excuse at least: it was a bank holiday on Monday this week so I'm counting days working and concluding that it's Tuesday since it's the second day back at work :)

I think I like your first haiku better this week, but there's really not much in it!

Young love
He dreams of romance
Every time his teacher smiles
At him. Summer love.

Randy as rabbits
Teenagers fall in love at
Speed, and out as fast.

[Finding a suitable acrostic this week was tricky!]

Anonymous said...

Marc, I can't tell which one I like better this week, there are elements in both that I just adore. Greg, Your acrostics are always very well done. I enjoy the first one with the little boy and his teacher. Then again, the last two lines of the second one is also extremely true.

Young Love:

Fingertips gentle,
Caressing each other’s skin.
Timid but will full.

Then boldness takes hold,
Passions leading to hunger.
This feeling, so new.

Marc said...

Greg - oh good, at least I'm not the only one. Even if you've got a better reason than me.

Not sure I can choose a favorite this week. Maybe your first, but only by a hair.

Ivybennet - thanks!

It's too difficult for me to separate your two haiku this week, so there will be no favorite picking. Instead I shall say that they work together as a whole to paint one heck of a sexy scene.