Saturday May 2nd, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: a beginner.

Inspired, oddly enough, by watching Beginners with Kat this evening. It stars Ewan McGregor, who I may have mentioned previously on this blog, and I enjoyed it a lot. Definitely left me feeling a little sad and lonely though.

We finished planting the new strawberry patch this morning with Kat's parents. I was relieved it didn't take longer than it did, as I'd sort of expected it to require an afternoon session as well.

Instead I took Max into town, where we eventually made our way to the park.

And then the jungle, of course.


My poor hands are shaking,
My heartbeat is racing.
Hit the ball? I don't even
Know which way I'm facing...


Greg said...

That sounds like a good film, though from the synopses I've now read, I can see why you might have ended up feeling that way by the end of the film. Did Max enjoy the jungle as much as last time?
Heh, I'm pretty certain you're describing your beginner trying to play pool, but that's a delightful and funny poem!

A beginner
I dreamt I'd slimmed to my birth weight,
And was delighted I was so much thinner,
Till a ghostly woman wafted past me
And said I was just a beginner.

ivybennet said...

I love your poem, Marc. And Greg, yours is awesome.

A Beginner:

Though the bards of old have told countless
Stories and poems about love, I am too
Naïve to believe that I understand where
To start and what it means.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, he did. And I was actually thinking of a baseball batter when I was writing that, but I can see how a pool player would apply as well :)

I agree with Ivy, that's a pretty awesome poem :)

Ivybennet - thanks!

That's a lovely, almost dreamy poem. I think you've perfectly captured the sentiment with this one.