Tuesday May 19th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about something or someone that is: frivolous.

Finished weeding the third row of strawberries this morning and got some mulch down as well. Hopefully I can mostly focus on mulching from here on in, with a little bit of spot weeding in the remaining rows.

This afternoon I drove up to Penticton to run a few errands, most of which were successfully completed. It was a lot of different stops and I ended up coming home feeling pretty tired.

So... maybe I should get some sleep?

Edit: apparently I meant on the couch. I think I shall go get some more sleep in bed now.


She thought the matter
silly, but he knew that clown
college was no joke

*     *     *

No matter what they
say, no purchase at this store
is truly worthwhile


Anonymous said...

Marc, your first haiku is by far my favorite today. It conveys such a clear image of the scene.


It doesn’t matter
That you failed you’re last credit.
Just do it again.

These are just too cute!
So I have seven pairs now,
But who really cares?

Greg said...

@Ivy: I think I like your second haiku better this week, but that's because I'm choosing to believe that you're talking about hands :) Your first one would be nice if only it were true....

@Marc: sorry for the late posting, yesterday was filled up abruptly by a training workshop on negotiating and influencing. It turns out I'm too collaboarative and should stand my ground more, but I did make my boss turn purple with suppressed laughter during one of the role-plays where I was being a particularly difficult Product Owner and was acting like the whole world was mine to rearrange as I pleased!
I think I like your first haiku better today because we all know that clown college is no laughing matter :)

"Joking aside," I
Ought to have said. Now I must
Kill our worst worker.

Icicles hang down,
No warm clothes and no AC.
Give me strength to laugh!

[Six letter synonyms for frivolous... and I get both J and K to try and work in there!]

Marc said...

Ivy - hah, I liked your second haiku before I read Greg's comment on it, but now... oh goodness.

Greg - ah, no worries. And I am not surprised that you were able to abuse your boss' funny bone :D

That's some tough going, but you pulled it off beautifully. I really must remember, at least every now and again, that you prefer to go with acrostics on Two Haiku Tuesday.

Whether that leads to me making things easier or harder for you... it's difficult to say :P