Saturday May 9th, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: somniloquy.

Because Max talks in his sleep sometimes and it almost always makes me laugh. I'm disappointed when I don't catch all of what he says, especially when what I do hear is enough for me to know that the whole thing was likely hilarious.

Had a productive morning of yard work, including pruning the two walnut trees in the front yard and mowing the lawn. Still have a few things left to do but I feel like we're more on top of things than we have been in previous years.

We rested for a bit after lunch before going on a short family walk. Max has been crashing pretty hard late afternoon now that he's more or less dropped his midday nap, so we couldn't stay out for too long. It was still nice though.

More time away from the garden tomorrow in order to relax and celebrate Mother's Day.


The words are spilling out,
From somewhere deep inside.
Should you call the cops?
I'll let you decide.


Greg said...

Is it weird that I could translate somniloquy into English just by looking at the two halves of the word? Still, it made me most intrigued to see what had prompted such a choice of prompt, and I wasn't disappointed; that sounds like much fun for the listener!
Heh, I think your poem sums up the problems of sleep-talking perfectly!

She talking in her sleep again,
And her sister's started too.
The argument's getting heated...
What does a mother do?

ivybennet said...

Oh I love this prompt! I've been known to talk in my sleep every now and then, but it's nothing compared to a friend of mine. We have hours of recordings of her intricate stories. I think she narrates her dreams every single night.

I love both of your poems: the humor is absolutely perfect. Greg, I've actually witnessed something similar between two of my friends one night.


Your eyes are downcast in the early morning glow,
Cheeks pink and voice low, muttering “good morning”
As if in an afterthought, making me wonder in terror:
What truth did I speak in my sleep last night?

Marc said...

Greg - weird? No. Expected... maybe :P

Hah... oh man, glad I'm not a part of that particular household!

Ivybennet - that's fascinating! I bet a collection of those tales turned into a book would be terribly interesting reading.

Oof, there's an awkward and uncomfortable start to the day. Love your take on the prompt, very clever.