Tuesday May 26th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: Harry Potter.

No reason that I can remember. I think I was mulling over something to do with magic or magicians (already used most things associated with that) when it occurred to me that I had never used dear Harry as a prompt.

So here we are.

This morning Kat and I did our first full, proper strawberry pick of the season. The end result was just over 8.5 pounds, which Max and I delivered to the bakery after lunch. The harvest will be larger for the next three or four picks, hold steady for a pick or two, then gradually decline. I'm looking forward to seeing what we're able to bring to the market this Saturday.

We did some planting (potatoes) and weeding in the garden afterward, and this evening I finally got around to weeding the rhubarb and one part of our raspberry patch. It was so, so nice to do something unrelated to the strawberries.

Oh, heads up: something a little different is coming tomorrow. If all goes well I'd like to make it a reoccurring thing. We shall see.


Wand at the ready,
he stands before the Dark Lord.
"Uh... where's Hermione?"

*     *     *

His tell-tale scar makes
it nearly impossible
to cheat on Ginny


Greg said...

Eight and a half pounds of strawberries sounds nice! I'm sure the bakery will find a good use for them. Did Max get any pastry treats there for helping you out? And I'm all curious about tomorrow now, but it's something that could be recurring if it goes well...? Hmm, so I'll guess that you've found Kat's diary and that the recurring prompt will be lines taken from it until she realises what you're up to and puts a stop to it :)
I think I like your second haiku better today, though both your haiku paint Harry as a slightly less noble character than I think his author was intending. Not that I have a problem with that!

Harry Potter
"Wand, Harry," says the
Instructor. "You can't fight a
Zombie without one.

As he turned evil,
Ron found that he could perform
Dementors' kisses.

[Great, this week I get W and Z in the acrostic... you're doing this on purpose, Marc!]

Anonymous said...

YES! I love Harry Potter and was super duper excited to see that this was the prompt today. Wow. That is a lot of strawberries. And oh boy, I'm a little nervous about tomorrow then. What do you have in store for us? Marc, your first haiku is by far my favorite. Hermione was one of the only reasons why they succeeded in the end.

Greg, I'm having a hard time trying to figure out which one I like better. They're both great! I guess the image of Ron performing a Dementor's kiss is pretty darn awesome.

Harry Potter:

Why does my scar burn
Like lightning has struck my head
When Snape looks at me?

The wand, cloak, and stone
Are all that I need to win
Against the Dark Lord.

Marc said...

Greg - unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how one views things) Max can't have any of their pastry treats, thanks to his gluten allergy. But this morning (Sunday) Kat made coconut flour pancakes with berries on top, and he very definitely enjoyed those!

That's a fine guess. Horribly, horribly wrong, but a fine guess nonetheless!

That's some impressive work getting the acrostic to work this week! I think I like your second one best.

Ivy - hah, glad you liked the prompt choice! And, as best I can remember, Hermione was the one of the only reasons they succeeded at doing anything throughout the series :P

Ah, both of your haiku bring me back to the books with a smile on my face. So thanks for that :)