Saturday May 30th, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: supply and demand.

45 minutes after opening. That's all it took to sell all 51 of our pints of strawberries this morning. The raspberries were sold before the market opened (we're allowed to sell to other vendors before 8:30).

After that? We sold far more tomato and pepper plants than we were expecting to sell. A few people bought my cards. And then a woman bought a print of my hummingbird picture.

It was a very good market.

Next week we're expecting our strawberries to peak. The week after that we'll have cherries for the first time (and we'll still have a good number of strawberries).

This is a good time of year around these parts.

In other positive news, Max appears to be totally fine. Quite the impressive bruise on his forehead, but we have to brush his hair aside to even see it and it doesn't seem to bother him. So good news all around.


There is a demand
That we supply;
They say they want truth,
But eat up the lie...


Greg said...

Wow, I was expecting you to say that they sold fast, but that's incredibly fast! People must have been really missing fresh, tasty strawberries! And I get the other vendors are glad that they get first pick, since they got all the raspberries :) Congratulations, it sounds like a great start to the market season.
Heh, that's a great little poem too, short and pithy, the kind of thing you could put on a sign and hang up behind your stall ;-)

Supply and Demand
She was limber and lithe and incredible supple,
And he was damn fast with his hands,
So they teamed up and fought against goodness and right
And called themselves Supply and Demand.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had your luck. Selling all those strawberries in 45 minutes? Them must be some good strawberries. I'm glad Max is doing fine! Your poem is far too true. And these kind of truths are never good. But your poem is good. Well done!

Greg, you again have such great characters. And even in a four line poem! Splendid!

Supply and Demand:

How much, you say, for what I have?
Far too much for a guy like you to own.
My skin is ivory, my insides gold,
So run along, boy. Go right on home.

Marc said...

Greg - people go nuts for strawberries. And cherries. I can't say I blame them on either count!

Okay, this sounds like a duo I'd like to hear more from. They sound like quite the pair!

Ivy - oh, them some good strawberries all right :)

There is a wonderful rhythm to your poem. I highly enjoy reading it aloud, especially the final two lines. Nicely done!