Friday April 1st, 2016

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: checking in.

Appointment went fine this morning. Definitely feels like we're returning to it could happen at any time territory now.

Had our first BBQ dinner of the year this evening. I did up some potatoes and skewered chicken, to go with some green beans out of the freezer and a few leftovers from lunch in Penticton. The three of us hung out on the deck afterward until dark arrived to shoo us inside.

I do so enjoy this time of year.


"Hi son, how are things?"

"Mom... you really don't need to check in on me like this."

"What, can't a mother care about her son anymore?"

"Mom... there's caring... and then there's calling every ten minutes."


Greg said...

That sounds like a really nice evening. We had a catastrophic hardware failure Friday afternoon and I spent the evening working and trying to manage the move to new hardware and the restoration of the software until well after it had gone dark :-P
Haha, I think there are a lot of mothers out there that do that....

Checking in
The airline staff had gathered and were all standing silently on the high walkway above the main concourse, where they could all see the check-in desk. At the desk was a vast woman, her thighs each larger than the toddlers in the queue behind her, her girth creating small gravity eddies that kept pulling baggage towards her, and a look of determination on her face that had made the check-in lady blanch.
"She can't seriously be checking in, can she?" asked Mirabelle, one hand rising involuntarily to her mouth.
"Run up behind her and yell 'Boo!'," said Bob with an impish grin, "and see if we can't get her to check out instead."

Marc said...

Greg - your Friday didn't sound very relaxing or fun at all. I hope things are running a little more smoothly now for you!

I feel as though Bob has the right plan here. I'm not sure what that says about me, but I'm pretty sure I don't care... :P