Wednesday April 13th, 2016

The exercise:

Write about: serenity.

We're back in Osoyoos, as of early this afternoon. Still settling in. Still getting used to having two boys now.

I also have to be at the bakery at 8 am to start work, so I'm going to save birth and baby details until tomorrow. Sorry.

Other things I'm sorry for: the below. It's all I could manage tonight.


Serenity now.
Serenity how?
It can't be found,
So I am bound
For a place known
As my new home...


morganna said...

Calm, peace, happiness
Serenity for all, in
This little, red pill.

Kyle said...

Movie not enough
Who the hell was Shepherd Book?
Bring back Firefly

(I couldn't help myself)

Greg said...

@Morganna: That sounds like exactly what I've been needing all week at work!

@Marc: I think we're all impressed that you managed any poem after the last few days, so I shouldn't be too upset with it. It's quite nice and calm, so I think it works.

Serene as a... queen?
Daydream? Winning team?
Change of scene – still serene.
I wonder, what does it mean?

Marc said...

Morganna - yeah, I'll take that pill now, thanks :P

Kyle - ah, Firefly. Indeed, it was not enough. More, more, more please!

Greg - thanks :)

I quite like reading yours aloud. The rhythm and flow are very appealing, in a very serene sort of way :D