Tuesday April 26th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: sharing.

Finally got around to setting up the sprinklers in the yard this afternoon. Currently have the water going. Just typing that out as a reminder to shut it off before I go to bed.

Took Miles to get weighed this afternoon at the health unit. He's at 8 pounds 6 ounces now, which is up a pretty reasonable 8 ounces since last Tuesday. We'll be making the drive up to Penticton next week to see the midwives again for a proper appointment, but for now I'd say everything is looking pretty good.


One for me. Two for
me. Three for me. Four for me.
You're not good at this.

*     *     *

Helping hands make the
load easier to carry;
you are not alone.


morganna said...

Two identical
Toys -- no sharing needed now
Maybe tomorrow.

Lice -- something we would
Rather not share at the school,
Thank you very much.

Greg said...

@Morganna: ah, your second haiku is the easy win for me today! Very nice (well, you know what I mean :) )

@Marc: It sounds like Miles is continuing to do well, which must be a relief for you :) I like your first haiku better today because I've counted exactly that way in the past myself. And not far-distant past either :)

Sharing is caring...
I might have broken your car.
Sharing means swearing...

A problem shar'd is
A problem for two people.
You keep doubling things!

Marc said...

Morganna - I feel like your first one is a vision of my not too distant future. So... well done, I suppose :P

Greg - hah, your first one is too much fun not to pick as my favorite this week. The pairing of your first and third lines definitely wins the day :)