Tuesday April 19th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: parting ways.

Took Miles to the public health office here in Osoyoos this morning to get him weighed and checked out, which saved us a drive to Penticton to see the midwives to do the same things. He's doing well. Like, very well.

Like, 7 pounds 14 ounces well.

As a reminder, his birth weight was 7 pounds 8 ounces. That would be one week ago this morning. I think we can relax about his feeding and weight gain now. Also: he can relax about needing to feed so often. Pretty sure Kat would appreciate that.

In less fun news, Max did not want to go to daycare this morning. It took me over half an hour to get out of there and I had to leave him crying when I did.

I called later on to make sure he was doing okay. And of course he was basically fine before I'd even reached the car. And when I picked him up he said he'd had a good day. And it took nearly fifteen minutes to get him out of there.

Because kids gotta kids.


So long, dearest friend.
May your rest be peaceful and
the maggots gentle

*     *     *

Parting is such sweet...
Forget that noise. I'm better
off without that nag!


morganna said...

Goodbye, till we shall
Meet in our later years to
Dream of yesterdays.

Good riddance to a
Bad bet -- don't dream of me -- I
Will always haunt you.

Greg said...

@Morganna: I think I like your second haiku better today, because I suspect it's part of your Wedding suite of poems :)

@Marc: Glad to hear that Miles is doing well! And amused that Max is being contrary again; he seems to enjoy doing that to you! I think he's trying to train you, you know...
It's a tough choice between haiku today, but I think, in the end, I'm going to pick your first for the idea of the maggots being gentle :)

Parting ways
It's just a hair-cut,
Autumn freshness. What's the deal
with my parting ways?

Of course it's the beach,
where else can we part the waves?
That's not what you said?

Marc said...

Morganna - your first haiku is lovely, and your second is fiery and passionate and I cannot choose between the two. Nice work!

Greg - yes, he definitely is very strong willed. Drives me crazy often, but I think in the end it will be a good thing.

Hah, love your second one. I can just picture the scene and the confusion and the disbelief/anger confronting it... nicely done :)