Friday April 29th, 2016

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the lost connection.

Work was busy but at a more manageable pace this morning. Greatly helped to have someone come in to pitch in for a couple of hours - that really made all the difference in being able to stay on top of things. By the time I left we'd sold out of three varieties of bread, leaving a couple loaves of one type and quite a few loaves of another behind. There was only one butter tart remaining, we'd sold out of chocolate croissants, and we were down to two cinnamon buns.

It's so much harder when it's just me up front and the two bakers in the back. They're usually available to help when I really need it, but I hate bothering them and I usually end up with a huge pile of dishes to deal with once things finally slow down late morning. Hopefully they'll have someone in place to come in each day to help out before the summer rush hits in full force.

Planning on getting out tomorrow morning to get some work done in our strawberry patch. I've been neglecting it for a while now, but Kat's brother and sister-in-law have been out there recently and I'm ready to chip in at last.


I saw you yesterday. You were walking past my favorite coffee shop while I was inside with an empty mug, a half-read newspaper, and nobody else. I almost didn't recognize you, you looked so happy and carefree.

The years have been kind to you; if they'd been kinder to me I might have said hello.


Greg said...

You sound very busy with everything, especially if you're neglecting the strawberries! The bakery sounds like you're having fun though, and I guess there's a definite satisfaction to seeing things sell out as you reach the end of the shift, knowing that the numbers were all right for the day and everyone's left happy.
That's a deliciously bittersweet sentiment today, though I'd have prefered to have coffee left and no newspaper to read than the other way around myself. I like the idea of this too: you could make these "missed connection" pieces a recurring thing for alternate four-line-prose days just to see what you're inspired with.

Missed connections>
You: carrying an ironing board in a half-unzipped snowboard case, a bandanna tied across your chin and wearing shorts in a London winter. Me: fighting with a woman twice my age over whose taxi it was. She hit me in the stomach with her umbrella and our eyes met as you stepped out without looking into the path of a cycle-courier. Coffee and painkillers at Farringdon Station next Wednesday morning?

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, definitely busy. And definitely enjoying my time at the bakery as well. Could always use more sleep though... so I should probably make this my last comment of the evening!

I like that idea a lot, actually. Maybe I'll make it a monthly thing?

Hahaha, that's a great take on the prompt. I can picture it all so clearly... though the get together being hoped for remains unclear. So I shall mark this one as one for *you* to continue at some point :D