Saturday April 30th, 2016

The exercise:

Somehow we've reached the end of April already. No idea why, but most of it seems like a blur in my mind...

Anyway, let us write a four line poem about: Lady Luck.

The Canucks finished the regular season out of the playoffs, with the third-worst record in the league. As far as the entry draft for next year goes, that gave them a chance to pick anywhere from first overall to sixth. The NHL did their draft lottery this evening and Vancouver ended up with the fifth pick.

A little disappointing, considering the players expected to be chosen with the first three picks are all pretty good bets to be future superstars, but the draft seems to be deep enough that they should still get a high quality prospect in the fifth slot.

Still would have been nice if Lady Luck had gifted them the first overall pick, especially after a season like this one.


She's absent-minded,
And not at all mean;
But when she's with you,
It still makes me green...


Greg said...

Most of the year so far seems like a blur in my mind! I figured out why: given that I've been doing (effectively) a day and a half for every day of work that normal people do for the last three months, I've had four and a half months in that time, and I'm still getting used to processing that much data into memories :) I should start having proper memories of things in another month or so I think, but the time will all be wrong for all of them because my brain will try and fit them into normal working days. Sigh.
The Canucks seem to have done poorly this year, but when you were describing the set up I figured they'd come sixth! So it's not all bad, but it's not the best of luck for them either. Let's hope they do better next season!
I think you've summarised Lady Luck rather nicely in your poem there! I agree :)

Lady Luck
Luck's kiss burns like fire on your lips,
Makes you feel like you're the King of all things.
Luck's slap is like coffee in your lap,
It burns and it's embarrassing.

Marc said...

Greg - your work schedule makes my head hurt just thinking about it :(

That is a brilliant take on the prompt. Like it a lot a lot a lot. Bravo!

Woo hoo, April comments in the books. Now on to May!