Thursday April 14th, 2016

The exercise:

Write: an introduction.

Looking back, I saw that I gave myself an extra day to do this with Max as well. So I don't feel so bad about that anymore.

Things I do still feel bad about: the ridiculous backlog of comment responses I owe you guys, as well as the fact that we're past due for a visit to our yearlong prompt. I will get to both soon. Probably House of Mercy sooner.

Thanks for hanging in there, guys. Crazy times.


Hey guys, my name is Miles Xavier Aucoin. I was born on April 12th, 2016. My Daddy won't tell me the exact time of day - he just keeps saying Real early. So that's cool, I guess. I weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces, which I hear is a pretty all right size.

Oh, in case you're wondering, I look like this:

I'm sleeping in that one. I think I'm sleeping in all my pictures so far, actually. I like to sleep.

I have an older brother, named Max. The more observant among you may have already noticed this, but my initials spell MXA. That's about as close as my parents could get, unless they wanted to change my last name. That seems kinda... unfamily to me. Is unfamily a word? I think it should be.

So I've got that connection to my big brother. We've also both got first names that start with M. And we both have an X somewhere in there too (apparently Miles Alexander was an option for me, which I think I'd also be okay with). We're pretty close already, don't you think?

Speaking of my big bro, here's a picture of us together:

See? Sleeping good, you guys. Anyway, I guess that's a badminton racket he's got there? I've been told that he had no intention of hitting me with it, but... I dunno. Look at the mischief in that smile of his. I think me and him are going to have a talk about that. Later.

You know, when I can actually speak.

Assuming he gives me enough time and space to figure that stuff out on my own.

Anyway. Here I am, world. Please be nice to me. I plan on being nice to you. Thanks.

I should get going. More sleeping to do, you know? But I'm sure you'll be hearing lots more from me soon enough. So... catch ya later.


Greg said...

Congratulations! Miles looks... peaceful :) And Max looks ridiculously pleased, you'd think he was the proud father from that grin of his! Though I'm not at all sure I'm going to be able to avoid mixing up Max and Miles in the future. And I think your OCD may be showing, with a need to get M and X into both boys' names... ;-P
Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I really am working over 12 hours a day in the office at the moment, and I mean working, not sitting down and browsing facebook or twitter or whatever social media craze is currently going on. I shall catch-up, hopefully before you catch up with comments.

"Thank-you, thank-you ladies and gentle-ladies! It so nice to see so many of you girls out tonight! And I can promise you, we've got a special line-up as well, just the thing to get rolling in the aisles and laughing your knickers off... and I'm sure if you're here and single there'll be someone near by to help you pick them up and put them back on again. Use the restrooms for that though, ladies, we do get regular spot checks from the local law enforcement, and while a woman in uniform is something special it's better that she's not being asked to do her job. Without further ado, let me introduce tonight's first act, who say they need no introduction! But I did a bit of research, and it turns out that they brought the roof down in their first gig... literally! There were fourteen injuries and two dead, so we've had the structual engineers out to check and we're very confident that they can't do that here tonight! Their second gig seems to be a bit of a mystery but there was definitely a heist happened there, so we've increased security on the doors. The rest of their gigs seem to follow a bit of a theme, and I went and asked management if they were really the right people for us, but Celia insisted that they play here tonight. So, ignoring the fact their entire last audience appears to have been eaten as part of their show, I give you without further ado and with a fair amount of fear, Partners in Rhyme!"

Marc said...

Greg - hah, yes, he is very proud. He likes to call him his baby. The other day, while I was getting coffee, he kept saying 'I'm a big boy because I have a baby.' I was like '... brother. Finish your sentences, please.' :P

Unsurprisingly, you caught up first. But I'm still making progress! Less than a month behind now!

That is one hell of an introduction. I think if I was in the audience I'd be heading for the doors before it was finished!