Friday June 10th, 2016

The exercise:

Use four lines of prose to give me a: weather report.

We had lots of rain today, which made picking strawberries and raspberries a challenge. Kat's parents had to deal with it while trying to pick cherries as well. At least it finally knocked it off for good late afternoon.

Strawberries are really slowing down, and all this wetness isn't going to help things. Going to do one more pick for locals on Monday/Tuesday and then I'm pretty sure that's going to be it for this year.

Raspberries are getting going though, as we managed to get 14 pints off the canes. They definitely like this cooler, rainier weather.

So, not a lot of berries. But Becky picked a crate of rhubarb and Kat's parents managed to get us another 25 crates of cherries, so it should still be a great market.

And I should get some sleep now.


It's looking like another beautiful day out there, folks! Lots of sunshine and... oh, hold on... nope, it is very definitely pouring rain right now. Get inside quick, before you drown or... wait... back to your gardens and beaches and picnics, people, the sun is here to stay for sure this time... or maybe not... yup, those rain cl-



Greg said...

Rain sounds nice, given the temperatures you've been having. I thought the plan for fruit-picking in the rain was to have Max carry a golf-umbrella and hold it over you and the plants though? I guess it might be a relief to be able to stop picking strawberries soon though... at least, I'm sure your back and thighs will thank-you!
Hmm, I'm not sure if I feel sorrier for the people who live where your weather report takes place or the weather forecaster themselves. Either way, I think I agree with not bothering to listen to it any more!

The weather report
"Later on this evening temperatures will drop low enough for carbon dioxide snow to fall. It is a pale blue colour and easily distinguishable from normal snow, so please take care out there. Tomorrow morning Earth will have travelled a further 120 million miles from the Sun and temperatures will drop further still. We are estimating there are four or five more days before oxygen snow starts to fall..."

Marc said...

Greg - yes, well, still working on convincing him of the golf umbrella thing. But yes, I wasn't particularly sad to stop picking the strawberries. At all.

Speaking of weather reports I'm not sure I'd want to listen to... yeesh.