Saturday June 4th, 2016

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: all hands on deck.

Strawberries sold out, I'm guessing, around 10:30 this morning - all 30 quarts and 120 pints of them. They were at Adam's end of the table so I can't say for sure what time the last pint sold. 

I was busy with the cherries. I had lots of help from Becky and Kat (and Adam once the berries were gone), but they were my main focus for the market.

At the end of the market we had 1.75 pounds of cherries left. I made up a one pound bag and a .75 pound bag and left them on the table while we packed up. I wound up giving (full disclosure: I just typed gaving the first time and it wasn't a typo - my brain was convinced that was a word) the smaller bag to the vendors across the street from us and, just before I gave up, sold the final bag.

I haven't counted up the money yet (too tired, I'm sure you'll be surprised to learn) but I'm pretty sure that was the most income we've brought in at a single market. We're splitting it three ways (Kat's parents get half the cherry money while we get a quarter and Becky and Adam get a quarter, and we get half the berry money while Becky and Adam get the other half) but it's still going to be a nice bit of cash for us.

And now we rest. Well, I'm going to go pass out until Max jumps on my head and demands food.

Night night.


Trouble is brewing,
So crack your knuckles and your neck.
It's time to fight boys,
We better get all hands on deck.


Greg said...

I had wondered about who earned what from the sale of the things that you didn't grow yourselves (like the cherries), but I always felt it would be rude to ask :) It sounds like you're all very fair about rewarding effort and contribution though, and that's a good thing. As is the speed at which you managed to sell things at the market and your generosity to the other vendors at the market. It sounds like a very good day, and no complaints about the children (babies and toddlers)!. Well done :)
Given how tired you are, that's a lovely little ditty, though I'm not convinced about cracking your neck in preparation for a fight. Maybe you Canadians fight differently :)
I got back into Malta at a little before 1am this morning, and am flying to Lithuania at 7am tomorrow morning. I come back the following day. So I might have an understanding for how tired you are :)

All hands on deck
There's only one way to be sure you're not cheating,
So at the start of every deal,
Everyone puts all their hands on the deck...
I've got an odd number... who's trying to steal?

Marc said...

Greg - I thought cracking one's neck in preparation for a fight was a pretty cliche thing, actually. Maybe it's just the movies I watch.

Your travel schedule amazes and terrifies me at the same time. I hope it all went well for you, or at least as smoothly as possible.

Maybe you're just playing with the one-armed man from the fugitive? Well, I guess then you'd have other things besides cheating to worry about...