Tuesday June 28th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the hunter.

One of the orders that was being picked up this afternoon was put in by a family from Penticton who normally visit our stall at the farmers market. They were away on Saturday and will be away again this coming weekend, so they made the trip down to see us (and our produce, I suppose).

They're pretty much my favorite customers, thanks to their genuine enthusiasm for the produce, how appreciative they are of the work we do, and because they are just really, really, really nice. It was a real treat to have them visit the farm for the first time, and their daughter (seven or eight years old, maybe?) got a kick out of picking a few apricots right from the trees.

Back to the bakery tomorrow morning. Time to switch gears once more.

Oh, the new laptop finally arrived today. Still trying to get things set up the way we like it, but it's looking good so far.


No line is too long,
nor store too far, to deter
The Bargain Hunter

*     *     *

With his rifle at
the ready, he stalks these woods,
searching for his prey


Greg said...

I like the way you describe your customers, it's a great little insight into some of the things that make up your world and your day-to-day life. It sounds like they're great people, and I expect that picking the fruit right from the tree does feel like a real privilege!
Your first haiku is a clear winner for me this week, with the last line being perfectly delivered. Bravo!

The hunter
The squirrel stops short,
But the chihuahua has seen!
The hunt is now on.

Night coalesces,
The ninja hunts for redness...
He smiles: Pizza Hut

Marc said...

Greg - thanks :)

Oof, tough choice between yours. Really like the story your first tells, but the use of coalesces (not to mention ninja!) in your second... yes, I think that makes it the winner this week. Nicely done!