Tuesday June 14th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: safe haven.

Started picking this morning beneath blue skies. Was totally focused on the raspberries and they were plentiful and I was feeling good.

Then I happened to look up.

Oh, hello black clouds moving in from the south. I guess I should pick up the pace, huh?

I did not pick up the pace enough. Ended up having to finish the pick for local orders in the rain. Definitely easier doing that with raspberries than strawberries, but still unpleasant.

On the plus side, we are pretty much officially done with strawberries for this year. Just need to confirm with everybody that they're okay with that.

Would be incredibly surprised to encounter any resistance to that suggestion.


How did this happen?
Bullets and blood everywhere...
We should have been safe.

*     *     *

You gave me shelter
in times of such great need. Let
me repay you now


Greg said...

I like the way you present the events of the day; I particularly like the image of you picking up the pace of picking raspberries trying to outrun the rain clouds and not quite succeeding. Maybe you should get one of the mechanical spiders from my Steampunk world to come and do the picking for you?
I have a hard time choosing between your two haiku today, so unusually I'm declaring a tie and saying I like them equally. Though if you'd put them in the opposite order they'd have told a sinister little story :)

Safe haven
Before the sign broke
It used to read Safe haven;
Now it reads Shaven

People who live here
Once felt protected, secure;
Now they're just hairless.

[ :) ]

Marc said...

Greg - I would gladly hire one of your mechanical spiders to do the picking for me. Dare I ask how much that would cost?

Hmm, reversing the order definitely changes things for mine, doesn't it? Glad I didn't, as they were meant to be separate :)

I will admit that I laughed out loud at the final line of your first haiku. Your second haiku only kept me giggling. You ridiculous man.