Tuesday June 7th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about something that is: bittersweet.

We managed to get the 142 pounds of strawberries that were ordered by locals for this afternoon's pickup. By the end of the pick I think we were all fading pretty fast, but it was very satisfying to get enough off the bushes to satisfy everybody.

The weather is supposed to start cooling off tomorrow. That would be nice.

For all of us, really. Because then you guys don't have to listen to me complain about the heat on every single post. Wouldn't that be nice?

Back to the bakery tomorrow morning, assuming I can get out of bed.


With this ring I thee
wed; now it's sitting behind
glass in a pawn shop

*     *     *

Strawberries fading,
last pick looms; soon shall come the
glory of peaches


Greg said...

I don't mind you complaining about the heat. It entertains me that you complain about the heat, the cold and the rain. There must be three days a year that make you happy :)
You've really pulled a lot of strawberries up this year, haven't you! It's amazing! I shall look forward to photos of the peaches though. Perhaps taken with the deer gate in the background?

I like your first haiku better today, but I think you knew I would.

Dvanda is just
Bittersweet dressed for dinner.
Sanskrit for the win!

They got married with
the money from her divorce.
Autumn colours love.

[Two things: I've gone with three syllable for Dvanda, you may disagree. And I love that word, it's the only one in English that starts "DV"!]

Marc said...

Greg - three days a year seems like a lot... :P

Man, screw that deer fence. I don't even *want* to take its picture anymore.

(think that will work for reverse psychology?)

I am impressed with your usage of Dvanda, but I also like the story your second haiku tells. I'm calling it a tie and moving on...