Tuesday June 21st, 2016

The exercise:

Write two work references. In haiku form. Because it's Tuesday, and haiku are what we do around here on Tuesdays.

We got all the raspberries and apricots we needed for local orders today, along with 42 pounds of the cherries that were leftover from the market. We sold them at a discounted rate, but I'm just happy to have saved most of them from going in the compost (Kat's mom has already canned, dried, and made as much jam as she needs for the winter).

Back to the bakery tomorrow morning. This is me pretending that I'll actually get to bed earlier tonight in order to make the waking up in the morning part a little easier.


He's a good worker;
Does his best to fight off his

*     *     *

She is truly a
model employee... if you
ignore the lying


Greg said...

Raspberries and apricots sound nice, especially put in a pie together and served hot with ice-cream. And I'm glad you saved the cherries from composting too, though at least compost means they get reused for next year. Better than landfill, without a doubt!
One for next year though: after the canning, drying and jam-making, how about making cherry brandy? Pretty much you're just filling bottles with cherries and brandy and laying it down for a year so it's easy... :)
I think I like your first haiku better today because the first and last lines provide such a deliciously barbed juxtaposition.

Work haiku
We gamble with your
Life savings and your lives. We
are actuaries.

The somnambulist
Served me in the bakery...
He sold me car tyres?

Marc said...

Greg - ... and now I want raspberry apricot pie with ice cream. Damn you!

Cherry brandy also sounds like a good idea. I shall have to suggest it.

Heh, I like the story and the image your second haiku puts in my head so that's my favorite this week :)