Friday July 1st, 2016

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the water fight.

They start and end the Canada Day parade here in Osoyoos with a water fight between the volunteer fire department and whoever wants to have a go at them (usually kids with squirt guns, with a few adults thrown in for good measure). Max was not impressed that he got a little bit wet on the first pass.

Thankfully there was a lot of good entertainment in between, as well as enough room behind us for us to escape before the water combatants returned. Here's Max with Natalie, waving their flags:

We watched the fireworks from Kat's brother's house tonight, all eight of us. Emersyn and Miles slept through it but Natalie and Max managed to stay up. Max really liked his first fireworks experience and I think he'll be talking about it for a while.

I'm taking a break from the market this weekend, as Adam and Becky are going up together tomorrow morning. They're going to be away a couple weekends from now, so I'll either be doing that one by myself or recruiting Kat's parents to help out.

Either way, this is going to totally screw with the days of the week in my head.


My heart was racing as I watched the enemy's approach. The bucket at my feet was overflowing with heavy, impatient water balloons. They were ready to fly but I needed to wait just a little longer.

It was shortly after that the first salvo was fired and the rest of my memories of that day have been washed away by the fury of the waterfall that followed.


Greg said...

Enjoy your morning without the market! Though I'm sure you will end up confused and you'll accidentally catch up on all the comments as well and then you'll sit around wondering what to do with yourself ;-)
The water fights sound fun, maybe Max will enjoy them more in a few years when he's older and can squirt people himself? He looks quite happy with his flag in the picture though.
I particularly like your last line today, especially "the waterfall that followed". The whole thing is very nice.

The water fight
Mages always fought in the Arena at the Cittadella, where every year the protective and defensive spells for the audience were recast and tied deeper into the ancient stone. For this battle both mages were hydromancers; one was wearing armour of living water and had conjured a stream of ice-shard-filled water that danced around him like a predatory snake. The other had summoned three undines, who were eyeing up the competition with undisguised disgust. As the gong was struck, signifying the start of the fight, Alphonse started through the audience offering prices on the winner with an impudent grin on his face.

Marc said...

Greg - hah, catching up on all the comments sounds pretty nice right about now. At least I've cut into the backlog a little bit today.

Yeah, I'll be curious to see if he becomes more interested as he gets older. I imagine that he will.

An intriguing scene, and one that I hope you continue (if you haven't already). I'd quite like to hear how this battle goes, as you've described the combatants beautifully (I especially like the first and his armor).