Monday July 4th, 2016

The exercise:

Write about: the land of the forgotten.

This morning I weeded out our blackberry bushes (well, well past due) and harvested our garlic (only slightly past due). After that I was quite tired and ready for a nap.

But Natalie was coming over after lunch to play with Max, so instead I got caught up on comments on the blog a little bit while keeping an eye on them. I feel like I'm starting to get a bit of momentum with the blog for the first time in a while.

Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself.


I do not belong here. I am not one of these castoffs or rejects. This is a mistake. An oversight, that's all. I have not been forgotten.

I mean, look at these people. Simple and plain all around, head to toe. Unremarkable. Nothings and nobodies. Clearly, I am in the wrong place. How could anyone possibly think otherwise?

Someone is responsible for this. I fill find them and I will extract answers from them. I will demand that this be put right, and I will insist upon recompense. This, I promise you, will not be a cheap fix. They will pay, and pay dearly.

For I am...

Well, I mean, of course, my name is...

Heh. Please, excuse my poor memory. I... must have been out late last night, drinking and partying and doing things of that sort. You know, famous people stuff.

Anyway, allow me to remind you of who I am. My name is... uh... um...

A little help here?


Greg said...

Well, I appreciate the getting-back-to-the-comments, so it's not time wasted! Well done on the blackberries -- based on your later comments, I wonder if the late weeding affected the blackberry crop at all? It seems like if they were competing for food and water they might not have fruited so hard.
Hmm, I like this amnesiac character, they seem to have a lot of potential. I like the casual arrogance you put out there, and how that's then tempered by the inability to remember things. For such a short character sketch things are really quite complex -- great work!

Land of the forgotten
"I don't like these seats," said Agnes. She shifted, bumping the lady sat next to her, who grimaced and tried to stay in her seat. "They're hard, and they're too small." She hip-checked the lady sitting next to her again, who gritted her teeth and placed a foot on the floor to brace herself.
"Typical," said Betty, who was sitting in front of Agnes. Her handbag was on the seat next to her, and since it looked a litlte like she'd emptied a rubbish bin into it, people were choosing to stand rather than ask to sit down. This meant that there were actually several free seats at the back that the standers couldn't even see. "They do this to make you buy more you know."
"Please sit down!" A middle aged woman with badly dyed blonde hair flapped her hands in the air as though the tiny air currents would move people. "The ride cannot start unless you are all seated." There was a general muttering as the standers dispersed, leaving one young boy looking mournfully at the seat next to Betty. "Sit down! Please!"
"Can I have that seat, please miss?" asked the boy.
"What ride is this again?" asked Betty, gathering her bag up. "The dinosaur one?"
"Harry Potter and the hairy underpants," said Agnes promptly. The lady sat next to her looked appalled.
"It's the Land of the Forgotten ride," said the young boy. He sat down, trying to avoid the wet patch and ended up on the sticky patch. Betty put her handbag on his lap. "It's based on the film."
"Hah," said Agnes. "The manager of our cinema won't let us in at the moment. But I've got a plan."
"You always do," said Betty, her tone gently admiring. "What's the big thing about this ride then?"
The bus engine started, and a gentle hiss issued from the ceilings vents
"They give you a gas that stops you remembering everything," said the boy. "It's part of the experience."
"Sounds like carte blanche to do as I like!" said Agnes with a wicked grin.

Marc said...

Greg - I think the berries were mostly bothered by a stretch of cooler weather. They certainly seem to be picking up again now, at any rate.

Thank you, once again :)

Ah, it has been a while since we've heard from Betty and Agnes. I'm not sure that they've been truly missed, but I enjoyed this tale all the same :D