Friday July 22nd, 2016

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the pest.

We've got a full truck this weekend, as we'll be bringing 36 pints and 7 quarts (nearly 2 pints in each) of blackberries, 4 crates of peaches, 14 crates of Sunrise apples, and 23 (way more than we need) crates of nectarines.

Fingers crossed that people come out to enjoy the nice weather and the market, and that they're hungry for nectarines.

It'll be the full crew once again, as Kat and Becky will be driving up with the kids and Adam and I will be taking the truck up. Should be busy, one way (customers) or another (kids).

Or both.

Likely both.


I can hear it moving in the dark. The flap of its wings, the bumps against the walls as it moves around the room like a drunken superman. I know it is in here with me but, because it flees to the shadows whenever I turn on the light, I cannot find it.

And I really, really need to sleep...


Greg said...

That's an impressive amount of fruit. When I read it I was sure that you'd end up selling all of the nectarines, and I see (I'm late posting, as usual) that you sold all but 1.5 crates of them. So well done! Next time maybe you should take junk you were going to throw away with you too and see if that sells? Label it "fully organic" obviously :)
Hmm, is that a true story? And was it just Max? ;-) The last line works very well as a punchline and the whole thing made me smile!

The pest
"The school called and said our son's a pest!"
"Hmm, that's not quite right dear; they said he's got the pest -- that means plague. I told you we shouldn't have let him go digging in those catacombs out back."
"... um, how contagious is the plague?"

Marc said...

Greg - hah, yeah, I don't think people would go for organic junk :P

It was a large beetle flying around the house just as I was getting ready for bed. I found it eventually. Good thing, too, or I don't know if I'd have gotten any sleep otherwise.

Oh dear, this sounds like trouble. Though the catacombs sound intriguing! I wouldn't mind (hearing about) a visit there!