Tuesday July 5th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the middle of the night.

There were 16 pints of blackberries ordered for this afternoon's pickup and we actually managed to get them all. Becky and Adam only got 6 on Friday so I was expecting to end up around 12, but the bushes gave us a pleasant surprise this morning.

Bakery'ing it again tomorrow morning. I should get some sleep.


All is calm, all is...
bright? Hey, who forgot to turn
off the sun again?

*     *     *

The chaos of the
day is long gone, but still I
vibrate. Damned coffee.


Greg said...

Well done on the blackberries, my memories of those bushes from when I was a kid is that they tend to hide the fruit well inside the nest of thorny branches, so I'm not entirely surprised that you managed to get the full requirements!
Hmm, I like your first haiku better today because I disagree entirely about coffee making you vibrate. Coffee is there entirely to be savoured and enjoyed :)

The middle of the night

He visits you when
You're sleeping and steals small things.
Some fairies are bad.

I say it's lunchtime!
It's the middle of the night
But I do shiftwork.

Marc said...

Greg - yes, once the berries really get going all the best ones are quite well hidden. Thankfully this is a thornless variety, so I don't have to worry too much about getting scratched up.

Heh, I like the story your first tells, so that's my favorite this time. Though I like the potential for more story in the second as well...

Bonnie Belcher said...

All is calm and still.
The quiet of the night fills
me and I can breathe.

The stars above me
and the darkness around me
help me clear my head.