Friday July 8th, 2016

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: broken promises.

We only managed to get 12 pints of blackberries this morning. I guess the weather has not been to their liking recently. Oh well, it was a good day for them to ease off the gas pedal. As long as they find it again before next weekend.

Had to swing by the community centre to pick up a set of keys this afternoon, as I'll be working by myself tomorrow. I've never had to do an opening there, just closing, so I guess we'll see how that goes.


He meant to keep his word, truly he did. Only the best of intentions paved this road. But then vision was obscured by smoke and fire, and thoughts were distracted by the sight of pitchforks and demons.

And, well, maybe this time he'll remember to pick up the kids after school...


Greg said...

I would expect that opening is easier than closing since hopefully the person closing did all the cleaning and putting things in the right place, but good luck anyway!
I have no idea what's happening to your main character, but I'm liking it. I think the children are safe enough by the school building, let's go hunt those demons!

Broken promises
"You promised me: a sweetheart chair, a set of garden gnomes themed after Snow White's seven dwarfs, a postcard from Magaluf, two rubber ducks, a length of garden hose, a rose garden, a tea set, a kilogram of tea from china, and an egg-beater." Miriam glared at her husband, who was sitting in the armchair looking wistfully at the newspaper she'd snatched from his hands.
"I never promised you a rose garden," he said. "I promised I'd bury you in a rose garden, and dear God I wish I was doing that already."

Marc said...

Greg - I think if I happen to open again I'll get there a little earlier so that I have time to settle in. That's my lesson learned from this time anyway.

Road to hell, paved with good intentions, and all that? Eh, maybe I overdid it on this one. I'm all for hunting demons though!

That is... quite the list of things. I appreciate the husband's response though!