Tuesday July 12th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: destiny.

We got all the blackberries and peaches and apricots we needed for local orders today. Always a satisfying feeling, and there were even a few extra blackberries so that we could have some for ourselves and bring a couple pints to the hairdresser to put a down payment on haircuts (which are scheduled for next Monday).

Back to the bakery tomorrow morning. Not looking forward to the rush, but at least feeling somewhat mentally prepared for it.


This is meant to be.
Can't you see? No? What if I
take off your blindfold?

*     *     *

An unseen hand has
brought us right here, right now... I'd
rather it hadn't.


Greg said...

The blackberry bushes seem to be delivering for you very nicely right now, and I'm sure the hairdresser appreciates getting the bounty of fruit spread out a little too :) Are you getting your haircut, or is it just Max? I'm guessing Miles doesn't need it yet!
I like your first haiku better today as I like the reference to the blindfold... that definitely fits Destiny, and Justice as well :)

Your destiny lies
In the other direction...
You should have gone left

At Albuquerque
Where all roads converge. Fate
Hates you forever

[I think they only really work together, but I was hoping they'd stand alone as well]

Marc said...

Greg - they were part of a trade for me, Max, and Kat getting haircuts. Um... crap, I just realized that we still owe her more produce. Hah... good thing I'm so far behind on comments... I guess?

Yes, well, they work fantastically together, so all is forgiven :D