Tuesday July 19th, 2016

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: brevity.

This morning I picked 18 pints of blackberries for local orders, which was not even close to finishing what was out there. So I told Kat's mom to have at the rest so she can make some jam and maybe freeze some as well.

It's always nice when it works out that we have extra berries on Tuesdays, as I definitely appreciate her jam once the fresh berries are gone. And we never have extra on Fridays, seeing as we almost always sell out of what we bring to the market so we take everything we can.

Shifting back to bakery mode tomorrow morning.


It is said to be
the soul of wit, so perhaps
you should stop talking

*     *     *

Allow me to be
brief, if you would be so kind.
I'm not good at brev-


Greg said...

Do you pick blackberries on Tuesday and Fridays then? I guess it makes sense to pick as close to delivery as possible, but I hadn't realised that you had a schedule for it all :)
I like your first haiku better today, but it's by a whisker, because I enjoyed being reminded of the saying about brevity being the soul of wit. It's completely true. And I never realised that I'd internalised that, too!

Hail the musician!
His music is brevity,
Just mournful dirges.

Life is mayfly-brief,
Blink and you miss marriages,
Divorces -- Wake up!

[It turns out my first haiku is likely to need an explanation as North America apparently found "breve" too hard to understand :-P ]

Marc said...

Greg - we pick berries twice a week, as they'd get overripe on the plants if we just picked for the market. So we pick Tuesday mornings for locals and Friday mornings for the market.

Ooh, I like both of yours - the first for teaching me something new, the second because I could easily see that on a motivational poster of some sort.