Friday May 26th, 2017

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: midnight in a small town.

Kat is at her book club meeting this evening, so I'm home alone with two sleeping boys. Gave me a chance to get caught up some more on comments, which I always appreciate.

Work went well today. Hot though. Going to be even hotter tomorrow.

Might have to jump in the lake at some point.

Or at least make use of the splash park, which is now open until summer is done with us for another year.


It is quiet here, teetering on the edge of nowhere. Nobody's hanging about, nobody's passing through - where would they be going anyway, that would necessitate driving through this little nothing of a town in the dark of night?

No place good, that's for sure.

Though if there was somebody rumbling down the road to somewhere else, I'd be mighty tempted to hitch a ride...


Greg said...

A quiet evening in? That must be nice for you :)
I like the implicit threat in the last line of your prose: I suspect that the helpful soul offering the ride might just regret taking you along!

Midnight in a small town
"All I want is a coffee, and I don't think it's that much to ask!"
"Bill, it's midnight and we're in a small town, so yes, it is quite a lot to ask. Now shut up and let me pick the lock to this coffeeshop you've made us find."
"Fine, but no blowing it up afterwards like you did with the last one...."

Marc said...

Greg - rare, is what it was. And yes, very nice indeed.

Heh. I love how much story is packed into this, both plainly told and implied. These two are quite the pair :)