Saturday May 6th, 2017

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about something or someone that is: unhinged.

One of the washroom stall doors wasn't closing properly, so I reported it to the foreman. He sent someone out to look at it and the next time I went to that washroom the door... was gone.

That's one way to solve the problem, I suppose. (I suspect that it's either being fixed at the shop or getting replaced altogether).

Work today had its ups and downs. More downs in the morning, more ups in the afternoon. Which I guess is a better way to end the day than if things had gone the other way around.

Missing the boys and Kat tonight, but also enjoying some peace and the chance to do a few things I want to do. Like watch shows on Netflix and attempt to catch up on comments here (only a month behind now, wheeeeee...).


No one speaks to him, and
Understandably so.
Things can seem okay, then
Suddenly: look out below!


Greg said...

I actually like the idea that the door was just removed because that was the easiest option :) But I'm sure you're actually right; that whatever needs to be done requires repairs that can't be (easily) done on the spot.
I think you're right, downs in the morning, ups in the afternoon is the right way round for things. That way the day feels as though it's getting better :)
I like the sentiment in the poem, though I might remove the "Suddenly" from the last line as I think it flows better that way. What do you think?

She said they'd had a house-fire,
And the cat got slightly singed,
And ever since that day,
The poor thing's been unhinged.

Greg said...

Since you mention comments I shall go and check them out (well done on starting to catch-up; though I've been so bad as getting to them on time myself I've not felt able to comment!), and also: nice acrostic :) I missed it first time round, and something was nagging at the back of my mind that I'd seen something and not noticed it... so I went back and re-read it and it jumped out at me!

morganna said...

He's off his rocker,
Just a bit nuts, they say
I'm not so sure about that
Do you sort the mixed nuts by size before eating?

Marc said...

Greg - hmm, yeah, I think it does work better without the suddenly in there. I suppose in general that's true as well, as I tend to avoid using it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Haha, that's quite the tale your poem tells. I like the rhythm of it as well :)

Thanks for mentioning my acrostic, as I totally forgot/missed it on the reread, haha.

Morganna - that's a clever take on the prompt. Rather subtle. I like it!