Tuesday May 2nd, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the chiropractor.

Had my first ever visit to a chiropractor today. I've had tenseness in my neck and shoulders for... longer than I care to admit, but recently I'd aggravated something in my left shoulder area that I wanted to get checked out.

The short story is that I've got a rib out of alignment (which sounds, to me at least, more horrible than it actually is, apparently) and I'll be seeing her again for more cracking on Monday.

Other things happened today, but I'll get to sharing that tomorrow. Bed time now.


I've got a pretty
high tolerance for pain. "Good,"
she said. "You'll need it."*

*     *     *

With a crack, crack here,
and a crack, crack there, you'll be
good as new once more.

*"What?" I replied, feeling rather worried. She immediately clarified that she wasn't talking about what was about to happen (she meant it would come in handy raising two boys, as we'd been talking about Max and Miles earlier). We had a laugh and eventually I relaxed again.


Greg said...

I hope your chiropracter is helping, I've heard some good things about them from people regarding sports injuries (especially squash, which strengthens muscles on the dominant side preferentially, which is turn leads to misalignments all along the spine). That said, I would have thought you'd have noticed a misaligned rib... how come you didn't spot it earlier?
She may be right about the need for a high pain-threshold with kids :)
Overall I think it's a draw between the haiku today; they're both good and they both relate to real world things!

The chiropracter
I thought you promised
me a helicopter, not
a chiropracter.

Crack, crackity-crack,
Snap. Oops. Maybe I can glue
it back together....

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, she's helped a lot. And I didn't spot it because I had no idea what was causing the pain to begin with. I figured I'd pulled a muscle in my shoulder or something - not that a out of alignment rib was pulling on the muscle.

Plus I think it was something that happened toward the end of my stint at the bakery, so it was relatively recent.

I was all set to like your first one best, but then I read your second. It's a little horrifying, but not to the point where I can't like it best :D