Saturday May 20th, 2017

The exercise:

Write a four line poem that is not only a poem, but is also a: drinking song.

Town is very busy, what with the long weekend and all. Definitely kept me on my toes. Opening the washrooms tomorrow morning could be interesting but hopefully everyone behaves themselves out there tonight.

Found a broken toilet paper dispenser in one of the washrooms this morning. With the full crew not back until Tuesday I felt like I should at least try to replace it myself. It took a few trips and a few different screwdrivers but I did manage it in the end.

Felt like a king.

A handyman king.

Or something.

Whatever, it felt good.

I should get some sleep now.


Pour me another, lads -
The last one surely missed its mark!
Pour some for yourselves, lads -
Tonight we're drinking in the park!


Greg said...

Haha, I'm sure they won't be behaving themselves out there! Still, let's hope they don't make too much mess that you have to clean up :) Well done on the toilet-paper dispenser, too. You'll be taking the job to a whole new level soon....
Well, I love the idea that the crew will end up drinking in the park, so your poem made me smile. For me though, a drinking song should have fewer unique words, otherwise you can't sing it when drunk. However, I shall spare you four lines of "Drink!" which was my first choice.

Drinking song
To help us think, to think, to think,
We'll drink a little drink,
And when our brains are sore,
We drink a little more!

[And now we go into 80 verses of four lines each of "Drink!"]

Marc said...

Greg - that's a fair point. Perhaps mine is just the opening stanza, never to be revisited as they get caught up in the chorus (which, now that you've put the idea in my head, must surely simply be 'drink' on repeat).

I quite like yours, but I must admit that your little addendum is my favorite part, as it caused me to laugh aloud :D