Tuesday May 16th, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about things that are: free.

Took Max to get his allergies tested this afternoon. The only things he reacted really strongly to were dairy (no surprise there) and corn (okay, that was unexpected). He showed some sensitivity toward gluten (better than expected), coconut (what?), peanuts (sure, why not), sunflower (yeah, okay), and oranges (see coconut above).

The dietician did some work on the dairy and corn and we're going to keep him off all of the above for the next three weeks. Then we'll take him in for a follow up appointment to see how his body is doing.

Overall it went pretty well and Max was his charming, silly, funny self and got along great with the dietician.

We had to rush a bit to get back to Osoyoos afterward for my chiropractor appointment but we managed to not be excessively late. She said this time was the most my rib moved of any of the adjustments she's done, which is good news.

And that I should expect to be pretty sore tomorrow as a result.



Love don't cost a thing?
You believe that and your love
won't stick around long...

*     *     *

You don't like my rules?
That they're unfair and unjust?
Then feel free to leave.


Greg said...

I approve of Max being allergic to corn :) HFCS is one of the more terrible things we've invented and having to avoid it would benefit all of us :) The coconut allergy rings a faint bell in my head for some reason; I think it's a common companion to one of the others that you've listed. Sunflower and peanut going together doesn't surprise me at all, and I would expect the orange allergy to fade quite quickly.
Well done with the rib! I hope the soreness is worthwhile :)

Hmm, I think I like your first haiku better this week, for all I think I've heard the first one (while growing up) too often for pleasant memories. I might riff on your first haiku though next time I write about Bill and Ben, since Ben's list of... "unfortunate" girlfriends probably needs an airing again.

Infinite free groups
Generate all words you need
And still surprise you

"Free to a good home".
I should have thought about it,
Nothing good is free.

Marc said...

Greg - eh, he never gets that stuff anyway. We're just hoping he'll be good to go again before the corn is ripe in the garden.

Hah, well, I hope you do incorporate my haiku into a future Ben prompt response :D

Hmm, I feel like your second haiku could be the opening to a longer, quite entertaining tale. So that's my fav this week :)