Tuesday May 23rd, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the mascot.

Another hot day. Ready for my two days off now.


Giant panda head
in severe summer heatwave;
he's been dead two days.

*     *     *

Cute friendly tiger
helps sell sugar coated food
to little children


Greg said...

While I like the reference to the Frostie's Tiger (Tony?) your first haiku is a clear winner for me today. And I hope this isn't something you ever have to clean up while on the new job!

The mascot
Made in China, like
All the world's mascots. Praise our

Cuddly dark monsters,
Our world is Disneyfied; we
Think we're safe at last.

Marc said...

Greg - Tony the Tiger indeed :)

And... yes, me too.

Ooh, tough to choose between yours. Plus they form an acrostic! Seems like a good excuse to call it a tie and move on :)