Tuesday May 9th, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: when I was young.

Apologies for mine, I guess I was in a wistful mood while writing them. Not sure either of them is particularly accurate, but I liked how they turned out anyway.

Sigh, sleep. One day I'll get my evenings figured out so that I'm not trying to write blog posts late at night.

Or, you know, probably not.


Invincible? No.
I just thought that I would live
until forever...

*     *     *

Life was not perfect,
but worries were simpler and
joy closer to hand


Greg said...

I'm thinking about living forever, but I'm going to start with 300 and see if I think the rest of you are worth hanging around still then :-P
I think I like your second haiku better, but that's just because I'm planning on being invincible too!

When I was young
Then: my opinion
was unformed and didn't count.
Now: nothing has chang'd....

Life stretched on ahead;
Now it lies behind but I
have learn'd and surviv'd.

Marc said...

Greg - 300 sounds reasonable. Though I'm afraid you'll not need that long to realize people are most definitely *not* worth hanging around...

Thank you for the smile your first one brought me. And I really, really like the sentiment of your second.