Saturday May 27th, 2017

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: one last chance.

Heat was manageable for most of the day. Started to wilt a bit toward quitting time. Guess my body is still getting used to the change in weather.

Parks and washrooms were quite reasonable today. Was expecting worse with the warmer temperatures, but I'm certainly not complaining.

Two more days to go, then my six day weekend begins!


You've sung this tune many times but
Let's dance this dance again my friend.
Just know that when the music stops
You and I will have reached our end.


Greg said...

The heat is building here is Malta as well, as I'm becoming grateful for the AC again! I hope you have plenty of water to drink while you're out there working. And enjoy your nearly-full off!
I like the casuality of your poem today: an acceptance of what's happening without making a fuss or bother over it. It would be nice if more of us managed our lives like this :)

One last chance
You told me, once, that I was your one last chance
To have an epic disaster of a wicked romance,
And so we courted, as serial-killers do,
And in the end it was me killed you.

Sister Christian said...

Four years ago I used up my seventh life,
And these months in between have been
a murky puddle of struggle and strife.
I'll finish my eighth life now so, and start fresh in the morning with my one last chance.

Marc said...

Greg - all right, just have last month's entry to read and respond to tomorrow and then I'll squeeze June's yearlong prompt in before Friday ends the month with four lines of prose. Glad I realized that was happening tonight... but then I guess I could have always skipped the four lines this time around in favor of the much delayed yearlong...

Yes, there's a fridge at the yard that's always stocked with water bottles. I usually take one first thing, another one or two at coffee, and then another one or two after lunch. I expect those numbers might go up as the heat intensifies.

Now that is quite the tale you've managed to tell in just four lines of poetry! Part of me wants this continued so that I can learn more details, but most of me wants it left just as is. Well done!

Sister Christian - ah, the cat with his or her nine lives. What a great take on the prompt! Thank you for this :)