Friday September 17th, 2010

The exercise:

Four lines of prose about: the compass.

The forecast for tomorrow is not that great, so business is likely to be down. But hey, they were calling for rain today and it was a lovely, hardly a cloud in the sky morning while we picked for the market.

If that's the kind of rain they're calling for tomorrow, sign me up.


"Are you sure we're heading north?"

"That's what the compass says."

"Then why are we heading towards the sun?"

"... maybe the compass had a bit too much to drink last night?"


Greg said...

Good luck with the weather! Perhaps you could advertise your produce as "rain-proof", see if that generates additional interest?

I love your hungover compass. It's such a great image!

The compass

As supervillains went, Gerard felt he'd been a little short-changed. His parents had given him far too sensible a name, and his mother in particular would be devastated if he changed it. His superpower was the ability to have anything he drew a compass on point north, which seemed a little... well, useless if he were honest about it.
As he finished drawing the compass on the side of the Chrysler building he smirked, listening as the building attempted to turn to face north, tearing up its foundations and shaking the ground like an earthquake.

Heather said...

Marc- Funny!

Greg- Turning buildings seems like quite a handy super power really. I'm sure it make for dramatic get aways.
Michelle sat at the dining room table cutting chicken into bite-sized pieces for her children who were being none too patient. "Mark, could you...... What are you doing?" she asked as he sat oblivious to the demands of the kids while shaking his new phone in sharp circles.

"I'm doing what my phone told me to," he stated with a big goofy smile as he showed her the compass face on the screen and began to explain how it was calibrating to True North.

"Yeah, well your phone is about to text you this message: Help your wife or you'll find yourself buried 6' due South."

Samantha said...

Marc, I love it! The drunk compass is great.

Greg, I rather like his power. It seems mischievous. :)

Heather, Mark seems very much like my father as he tries to figure out his new phone.

"How much farther do we have to go before we get to the falls?" Elaine asked, eager to get to the end of the hike and see the water fall and lake.

Michael pulled out his compass, as eager as Elaine to reach their destination.

"Greg, should we be heading east?" Michael asked, confused.

"Uh oh..."

Marc said...

Greg - I shall have to remember that angle for the next time it rains!

That seems like a power you could cause a lot of trouble with - I know I sure would :)

Heather - great final line, yet again :D

Samantha - thanks :)

That's an excellent use of the phrase 'uh oh', which happens to be a favorite of mine. It can convey so much ;)