Tuesday September 7th, 2010

The exercise:

Two haiku about: weight.

We took the cabin garbage to the landfill today (the old toilet and sink, a lot of unusable wood, innumerable other bits and pieces) and I had a lot of fun. It's been years since I've been to the dump, so I think it was a bit of the kid in me coming out to play. Plus I think it's a very guy thing to do and that's rather satisfying in its own right.

Anyway, the connection to today's prompt: they weighed the truck when we arrived and again when we left and charged us based on how much we'd unloaded. So there you go.


His back is bent, not
with age but with the weight of
words left unspoken.

*     *     *

This diet you're on
is surely working! What's that?
Oh, you were pregnant...


Zhongming said...

Heh, it's done by some contractor for removal of those extra stuffs lingering around after the renovation. Quite surprised that you had to handle it personally.

Anyway I kind of agree with your first haiku :)
And I hope your second haiku is for real :)


Trying my best
To hang on to that
Forever increasing workload.

Don't cry over that
Silly thought which is
Adding on to your weight.

summerfield said...

hi, marc. first off, THANK YOU. second, sorry been away for quite a while; been writing though, really. third, congratulations on your marriage and i wish you and mrs. marc all the best.

and where's greg, he's late tonight!

weight: this is for my 8-year old grandson.

you see in his smile
and the stoop of his shoulders
the problem he bears.


quite unfair, ain't it,
when boy is made to endure
his parents' break-up.

summerfield said...

greg, i'm kidding :-)

Greg said...

@Zhongming: I think Marc's doing all the renovations himself, so there's no contractor to take stuff away for him :( I think I like your first haiku best today, it sounds a lot like my job!

@Summerfield: when I saw that there were three comments already, and then read your comment, I had to go and check what day it was in case I'd somehow missed one! I like your haiku, probably the first one best, but the content makes me a little sad.

@Marc: There's something cathartic about throwing away lots of stuff; I like going to the dump too for that reason! And it's totally a guy thing to do; we always used to do it in fours or so and compete at finding the heaviest thing to throw by ourselves :)
Your second haiku made me laugh, so that's my favourite today!


On the equator
Everything weighs a little
less. Including me!


Mighty Atlas stands
Supporting the weight of the
World on his shoulders

morganna said...

How much does it weigh?
Use the postal scale. How can
It not go that low?

Weight. No one thinks of
It until it isn't right.
By then it's too late.

Sorry the last one is cryptic. Trying not to reveal too much since it's not really my story and this is the internet :) But it's not what you're thinking. Wait, that's even more cryptic. :)

Marc said...

Zhongming - as Greg mentioned, we're doing the majority of the work ourselves. Much cheaper that way :)

I think I like your second one best.

Summerfield - you're most welcome, and thank you very much right back. Good to see you back here :)

Great haiku, though their content is rather depressing.

Greg - I had fun throwing stuff as far as I could :)

Love your first one.

Morganna - well, cryptic is good sometimes. Though I have to admit your second one would apply to me when I was diagnosed with type one diabetes - I'd lost about twenty pounds in a month by the time I noticed it.

Anyway, I hope it's not too serious.

morganna said...

Marc -- Just have to say, it wasn't me, and everything's fine now.

Marc said...

Glad to hear :)