Saturday September 18th, 2010

The exercise:

A four line poem about: a child's toy.

Mine is based on something that happened this morning.

The rain came all morning at the market, but it didn't put too big a damper on our earnings. So that was relatively good. Could have done without feeling the coastal chill though.


I would like one sunflower please,
To make my daughter stop crying;
Actually you better make that two -
Now my son I need to appease.


Greg said...

If only all children could be settled down and appeased by giving them sunflowers. Or better, any kind of flower! That sounds like an interesting morning at the market then.

A child's toy

It's new, it's fantastic plastic,
It's good for girls and boys!
It heats to 4000 Fahrenheit
Like all good children's toys!

Anonymous said...

A child's toy

It's just a small stuffed bear
Looking for love, looking for care.
I know that it's a child's toy,
But it used to bring me such joy!

Marc said...

Greg - I foresee absolutely no problems arising from such a toy :P

Anon - I'm completely unable to throw away old stuffed toys, so I fully appreciate the sentiment of your poem :)