Tuesday September 28th, 2010

The exercise:

Two haiku about: ratings.

I was told by Kat's parents that the apples we're picking are rated into three categories by the packinghouse they sell to. The ones they consider unsaleable are 'culls', the good ones are 'fancy', and the best are deemed 'extra fancy'.

I found this both hilarious and strange.


My mother's cooking
is rated tops by critics
inside my stomach.

*     *     *

And coming in last,
by a very large margin,
is: Chef Lee Prosy


Zhongming said...

Great stuff!


It's on it's way up yesterday
And somehow it lowered today - 
Is that blood pressure meter faulty?

Fantastic! The viewers flood
Into tv8 just to watch that "Love".
The rating is just...amazing! 

Greg said...

It seems a little odd to me to call rejected apples culls because I associate a cull with livestock; but then yesterday I discovered that North Americans refer to rat babies as pups, while the rest of the (English-speaking) world calls them kittens. So there's no accounting for taste.
Culled-apple-pie sounds more interesting that windfall-apple-pie though!

I like your second haiku better I think, but the first one has a ring of truth :)


The captain rated
His ratings from A to F.
No sailor did well.


Iron Chef cooks his
Competitors to get the
best ratings tonight!

morganna said...

I think of ratings
As ratting someone out for
Better position.

Ratings, schmatings. Who
Really cares, or votes, on whose
Blog has the most stars?

summerfield said...

marc, does the chocolate pepper taste like chocolate, too? i've always wondered about that.


ode to the life guard at the four seasons hotel:

blue eyes, full sweet lips
oh, the flowing light brown hair
smile that hypnotized.

tall, tanned and handsome
do i think he was a "ten"?
no doubt about it!

Marc said...

Zhongming - thanks! I like your first one best this week.

Greg - well, I just call rat babies gross. But I suppose that doesn't help matters any.

Your second haiku wins the day this week for making me laugh.

Morganna - I quite like your first one! I think I shall adopt that meaning.

Summerfield - unfortunately not. It tastes pretty awesome, but not quite that good :)

Haha, nicely done. A fine ode indeed :D