Tuesday September 21st, 2010

The exercise:

Two haiku about: models.

Kat needed a picture of herself for her bio on the yoga studio's webpage, so we got to play photographer/model in the garden and around the house earlier this afternoon. It was fun and we managed to get one that she liked - the very first one I took, of course :)


The miniature
train is racing toward the
tied down Barbie doll.

*     *     *

Smile for the camera
and try not to think about
the constant hunger.


summerfield said...

hi, marc. i've seen some of the photographs you've taken and they were quite good, so i'm sure kat's photos will come out good, too.

your first haiku comes to mind blood and pieces of barbie flesh. oy! it's just my demented mind :)


she takes to the stage
deliberate and assured
pauses and then turns;

the dress fits snugly
but it's not maternity
she models large tents.

i'm beginning to like haikus and kind of looking forward to tuesdays now.

Greg said...

@summerfield: Marc's first haiku brings the same things to mind for me too, so it's not just you! I think it's Marc's demented mind personally....
Also, your second haiku is absolutely wonderful! Utterly perfect timing and delivery!

@Marc: Poor Kat, how many things did you drape her over to get your pictures? I hope she didn't fall for you "if you were wearing a little less there's these magazines I could get you into" line :-P
Your first haiku is good, but the second one works best for me, it captures the truth rather well!


Geometric thought
Models the world better than
The world itself does


His tiny soldiers
March to wars fought on tables
They still never win

Brunnhilde said...

Many years ago I worked as an Appointment Girl for a summer at a well-known modeling agency in NYC owned by friends of my parents. It was eye-opening, to say the least.

Photoshopped lipstick
On the slick magazine page
Prove that mouth is faked

morganna said...

Just one haiku, this one's syllable counts wouldn't come out right for the longest time:

Architect's model
Unchanging in its tiny
Perfection awaits.

My parents' favorite restaurant when I was growing up had the architect's model of the building under glass in the front lobby. My brother and I loved to stare at it and see how every tiny detail matched the larger building.

Marc said...

Summerfield - that seems like a perfectly natural thing to think of to me!

I like both of your haiku, and I'm so glad to hear that you're enjoying them so much :)

Greg - quiet, you.

I like both of yours, perhaps the second slightly more. I just like the idea of toy soldiers always losing.

Brunnhilde - good to see you back here! And I can only imagine what you witnessed in a job like that.

I sense more truth than fiction in that haiku of yours.

Morganna - ooh, I love those building models! I can still stare at them for hours, if only I had the time to do so :D

Sheshe said...

My overfed body.
Daily floppy sweat, shrinking.
A model of hope

**is it too late to post here? I love haikus and this was fun!***

Marc said...

Sheshe - ah, it is never too late! I don't bother with deadlines here - there are far too many in our lives already :)

That's a great haiku - what a perfect final line :D