Tuesday September 14th, 2010

The exercise:

Two Haiku Tuesday brings to you this week: aches and pains.

Just as my body is getting over/used to the strains of working in the garden, I go and find new muscles to hurt while renovating. Then once this stuff is done I'll go back to the gym and find some more. Then the garden shall beckon me again...

Never ending cycle.


It's merely a strain?
Are you certain? Have you checked
for a bullet hole?

*     *     *

These nicks and scratches
are clear signs of a childhood
that has been well spent.


Anonymous said...

I have never quite understood haikus, so this was a bit of a challenge.

Marc - You're first one made me laugh, but I particularly like your second for it is soo true.

Another headache
strikes today, feeling dizzy.
Won't it go away?

* * *

Spent all day working;
my head feels light, my neck stiff.
Time to call it quits.

summerfield said...

aha! you're early today, mark. good for you! you need to stand back and admire your handiwork sometimes.

aches and pains

i smile and i laugh
but want to scream because my
toes are so painful
three-inch heels don't help
but i need to look pretty
though my bunions hurt!

well, that's what came to mind soon as i saw the prompt. and @anon, i got to know haiku only when i started hanging around here. now i think i get the hang of it. good night all.

Greg said...

@anon: You seem to have the hang of haiku as far as I can see, I don't think you've much to worry about. I think I like your first one best, though both are good.

@summerfield: they sound like terrible shoes to me if they do that to your feet! I think I like yours equally, especially since they're linked.

@marc: so, next time I make it over to Vancouver you're going to be lithe and muscular from a new life of manual labour? I guess you'll be in a white string vest drinking cups of orange tea strong enough to stand a spoon up in....
I like your first best; it made me smile too.

Aches and Pains

The doctor names it
And makes it serious. I
Call it aches and pains.


Drink this. It is blue
And calming and numbs all pain.
(And your toes drop off.)

morganna said...

How should it not hurt?
Walking is painless, you say?
Not for this body.

Pain meds? For me? No,
I've had worse pain, just last week.
Surgery's nothing.

Space Lady said...

My body protests,
Winter sets in too early,
Day falls on my aches.
Pain rips through my flesh,
The sun's sharp rays relieve me,
How ironic life!

Marc said...

Anon - well I'd say you've got 'em sorted out! Nicely done, I like them both equally :)

Summerfield - ah, I do like me some related haiku. I think I like the second one best.

Greg - well, I am using a couple of smart cars as handbags at the moment...

The last line of your second haiku wins the day for me this week.

Morganna - I'm a big believer in your second haiku. I dislike pain medication and avoid it as much as possible.

Space Lady - welcome, and thanks for sharing your writing with us!

Really liked your first haiku, I look forward to seeing more from you :)