Saturday September 25th, 2010

The exercise:

A four line poem about: bartering.

T'was a sunny but windy morning at the market. Here are the pictures I managed to take before the customers came:

Those would be our apples. Going closest to furthest away: Ambrosia, Aurora, and Spartan. Some of our beefsteak tomatoes snuck into the picture at the top right.

Our pumpkin, amidst our ornamental squash and watermelon. I have named him George. Kat doesn't know that yet.

And lastly, our peppers. We've got a couple red amongst the chocolate, and then up top are the green, purple, and hot peppers (Hungarian and Big Bomb).


A few watermelons for you -
Is that enough?
And we'll take your house -
I like this bartering stuff.


Greg said...

That's some pretty gorgeous looking produce, it's making me hungry just to look at it. I don't think I've seen purple peppers before, though I have seen (but not tasted) chocolate peppers. That just makes me envious though! I also rather like the dog sneaking into the pepper picture in the top right :)

A few watermelons for a house? That house must need more work than your cabin....


All you have to barter
Is a repossession order for your kids and wife
Well I can barter that!
I'll give you beans and this rusty knife.

Sheshe said...

Marc- must be some kind of house! I love the singy-songy flow of words.

Greg- sounds more like a kidnapping-hostage-blackmail than a barter! Nice (well, not for the wife and kids) descriptions!
Here is mine:

You call that a barter? For my cat?
Please leave me alone.
What possessed you to ask for that?
I'd rather pass a stone.

Marc said...

Greg - I highly, highly recommend chocolate peppers. Ours, at least, taste even better than red peppers - to me, anyway. But a lot of people who've bought them seem to agree.

And I hadn't even noticed the dog until you mentioned it!

Sheshe - that's too funny. Last week I tried to trade some apples for this incredibly cute dog that someone had at the market.

No deal, sadly.