Thursday September 23rd, 2010

The exercise:

The writing topic du jour: titan.

I'm quite certain Greg has no need of that link, but I included it for the rest of us since I had no idea there were that many definitions.

Dropped off another restaurant delivery this morning... and totally forgot to take a picture of the twelve pounds of peppers they ordered. It was a mix of chocolate, golden summer, purple, and green and it looked great. I suppose you'll just have to take my word for it.

Or maybe I'll remember to get a picture tomorrow when we're picking for this weekend's market?

Only time can tell.


Assassinate a Titan
Was all the note had to say;
I tucked it in my pocket
And contemplated my prey.

To slay a living mountain
Is surely no small feat,
But it can be managed...
If you're not afraid to cheat.

So I crafted a letter
To my dearest friend Cronus,
And politely suggested
That we convene to discuss

The matter of his passing,
To which he kindly agreed.
Now he's gone into hiding
And I've been paid for the deed.

I suppose we'll be caught one day,
But for now I'll enjoy
The pleasures this gold will buy...
Til Gaia sees through our ploy.


Greg said...

The peppers sound good, I'd definitely like to see any pictures of them you might care to take :)

I like the poem and its classical theme -- what inspired that then? Cronus is an interesting choice for your titan too! All in all, very enjoyable.

The titan

Oh Epimetheus!
I swear I did not lie to you,
I warned that Zeus would be untrue.
Pandora is no fitting wife.

I would come to you again,
Hear your words, support your pain;
Reassure you that we can go on,
Zeus fantasizes that our time is gone.

But here I am, chained and bound,
Pinned down to frozen, hurtful ground,
And feeding Zeus's eagle liver,
Till Heracles come to deliver
This lonely titan from his doom.

Marc said...

I'm not entirely sure, to be honest. I know I was reading an article about the Titanic yesterday, but I don't think that alone did it.


I think your final stanza is my favorite today. The first two lines of it in particular - lovely rhythm there.