Saturday January 1st, 2011

The exercise:

Happy new year! To celebrate, let us write four line poems about: new beginnings.

This morning I did some final caulking in the kitchen and scrubbed out the bathtub while Kat painted and her dad put in light fixtures. After lunch we brought most of our stuff down and got the shower curtain up. We're now basically moved into the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and one bedroom. The other bedroom is now the storage room for the remaining construction materials. Hopefully that will change by tomorrow night.

Still doesn't feel quite real, but we'll be sleeping here for the first time tonight.

Expect the next few days to be heavy on pictures.


A brand new year is finally here.
May all our fears just disappear.
Let us be bold, reach for the gold,
Break the mould, and never grow old.


Greg said...

A new year and a new home -- that's a good set of beginnings to put together. It must be nice having a space you can call your own again; I know sharing can be fun, but there's just something about somewhere you can retreat to when the world about gets too loud.
I'm looking forward to the pictures, by the way!
That's a good poem; a sweet sentiment, but you just avoid it being cloying. You can hear the sincerity in it.

New beginnings
The Janus Geminus has closed its doors,
The Agonium is full spate,
Everyone's celebrating new beginnings,
And I am, typically, late.

Watermark said...

Marc: Congrats on finally moving in! I bet it must be exciting. Looking forward to the pics. That was such an optimistic poem :)

Greg: I like the rhythm to that and perfect ending with the last line :)

Here's mine:

New beginnings

I tore up the deed and a took long stroll,
The last one, they said, before my proverbial fall,
But the winds of change gave me full control,
And led me anew to rejuvenate my soul.

Zhongming said...

Marc - that poem of yours is just way too sweet! Every joint and twist between them is just kind of precise! I love the way you engineered it! Love it!

Greg - your poem has very vivid picture to it. I can sense the angry roman there :)

Watermark - I definitely like your decision in the first line and how you change the situation to your advantage in your final line :)


New Beginning (Continuation from the snowy woods)

Memo of day seven, 11:40am Tuesday, 26th Jan 2000.

My condition of being paranoid did not improve instead it got worse; I am starting to see more and more illusions. Before I actually realize what I’m actually doing, I was kind of trapped in my own world of darkness. Where I can’t tell what’s real and what’s not. That state put me into deep trouble.

Here’s what happened…

The whole thing, saving unit came to our location at around 9am, shortly after we were awake from our sleep. The three of us almost missed the perfect chance to go home because of me. I was the one who “skipped” the entire event thinking that it was some sort of “Unreal” thing. I even argue with them with my confused mind.

The thing is that I clearly saw the helicopter flying with an American flag up there, on top of the mountain. Anybody in a clear mind would wave at it and asked for help but rather just somehow I interpret it as “Unreal” and I choose to see it as an illusion rather than real thing.

The medicine almost put our chances to jeopardy. It was Jennifer who was sharp enough to get hold of the American air unit confronted me and wakes me up totally with a tight slap on my face! The red signature of her palm reminds on my face for quite awhile before it subside. That moment I feel sort of relieved from all that stress build-up inside of me ever since the plane crash.

However there’s something that I don’t understand. Where are all the dead bodies? Now that I think of it, maybe I should begin a new chapter…


It’s time to move on for a new beginning,
I shall endure whatever hardship ahead,
There’s no promise that I’ll succeed
But at least I’ll get to see my growth.

Sean said...

morning quiet with coffee, son, and dog
looking in my son’s eyes, the same as mine
I can only teach and hope he will know
each day is the first and begins anew

summerfield said...

it's really a new beginning for you and your wife, marc. congratulations.

good work, everyone. now, let me see if i can keep up.


new beginnings

all decorations have been removed and stored;
the christmas tree's folded and boxed;
and he gives me the news that he's decided to move.
ah, how better to start the new year and my mood.

Heather said...

Marc- The piece I pulled the excerpt from: Home ALone, I Think

And can I use your statement from the Blame prompt to tell my mother I do too understand how she felt?

I'm also very excited to see pictures from the renovation project!

Marc said...

Greg - yes, we've done enough sharing. Now we have a place to call our own again and it's fantastic.

Love that last line :)

Watermark - thank you :)

Lovely sentiment in your poem.

Zhongming - thanks for the very kind comments :)

I'm loving the way you're tying each prompt to the ongoing story, even when it's a poem. Great stuff!

Sean - can't beat a poem from the heart. Very nice.

Summerfield - thank you :)

Very impressed with the way you managed to tell a story within the constraints of a four line poem.

Heather - ah, thank you very much! I shall check it out shortly :)