Tuesday January 4th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: the storage room.

I'll do mine and then get to the pictures.


Boxes piled higher
than the sky - and all of them
filled with useless junk.

*     *     *

Memories wait here,
hidden behind dusty masks.
Shall we reminisce?


Apparently I only took one before picture of the guest room. And Kat is making a funny face at me in it, so it's only fair that if I post it I have to post one of myself that she took while we were moving in. Anyway, here's the room picture first:

Isn't it nice that he left a bed for us? Yeah... no. That went to the dump pretty quick. Oh, and the ceiling isn't black - that's just what happens when you smoke inside the house and never clean the walls or ceilings. Yeah, that took some cleaning.

Here's what it looks like now (if you can see around all the stuff that's jammed in there):

Hmm, the ceiling looks dirty in that one as well. But I can assure you it's just shadows. Because I just got up and checked.

Looking the other way we see:

Those two drills are the last of the tools upstairs. They're just waiting for me to get the stupid smoke alarm in the ceiling and some curtain rods on the walls and then they can go back home.

What's new: paint, floor, window, baseboards, light fixture, and we made the closet a bit more sturdy - good thing, huh?

What's old: same as yesterday - just the structure.

What's left to do: one baseboard. Probably some shelving at some point.

Hopefully I'll get the last of the baseboards done tomorrow. If the building supply store has them in yet.

Oh, right. I promised a picture:

That would be me, holding our bed and couch down so that they wouldn't fall out the back of the truck. Thankfully it was a short drive.


Greg said...

Well I think Kat looks cute in that picture (and I don't think she's making a face at you, I think you've just made a joke and she's letting you know it's not funny!), and you look... precarious in that last picture. The guest room does look miles better in the after pictures though.
I like your second haiku best, but only because the first one sounds too much like my own flat.

The storage room
Discontinued things
Waiting in the storage room
Hope for better homes.


Tuck the children in-
to the cupboards and closets.
There's no storage room.

Vicki said...

Didn't have time to write about bedrooms, but I did love the chess game!


Don't open the door!
Precariously balanced
boxes wait to fall.

Forgotten mem'ries,
covered in dust and cobwebs,
want to be treasured.

morganna said...

Filled with odds and ends
A nice place for big projects
The storage room sits.

Scrubbed clean and painted,
Filled with new furnishings, now
A little boy's haven.

Zhongming said...

Nice work, folks!


The storage room 

Numerous year of
Accumulating -
Knowledge expanding!

It's never empty
For it's always filled with strong
Undying desire.


Comeback? (Continuation from the snowy woods)

Memo of day ten, 8:46pm Friday, 29th Jan 2000.

In the end, I made up my mind after talking to Winnie. I've once again decided to head back to the snowy woods where I found the letter which Ronnie wrote with his blood in search of the hidden path. 

So will I come back alive or suffer same fate as Ronnie?

Stay tune for more action!

Heather said...

Marc- The first line of your first haiku immediately brought to mine a piece by Shel Silverstien: Sylvia Cynthia Stout Would Not Take The Garbage Out.

Greg- Loved the second haiku. Some days it feels like that around here.

Vicki- Loved the second one.

Morgana- Well done. I especially liked your second verse.

Zhongming- Just had to steal some of Marc's precious space to tell you that your piece on OMW made me laugh. Also enjoyed your second haiku best.

Sean said...

I have many things
I am me because of them?
Many things have me

Old lives are there
the past is with us always
future is the past

summerfield said...

marc, it's awesome what you had done with the house. i can see that every inch had been touched by love (corny and cliche, maybe, but it's true) and miraculously transformed to what it is now. pat yourself on the back. bravo.

and i like everyone's haiku.

btw, greg, this morning, i was quite late and when i got to the subway platform, there were two goth kids and immediately pestilence and famine came to mind because they were sitting on the floor just like you described in your post yesterday. whoa!


the storage room

mem'ries, old and sad
locked away perhaps for good
and not to be missed.


old knick-knacks galore
and the rest of my whole life
in a dark, cold room.

Marc said...

Greg - that's also possible. But she generally pretends that I'm funny.

Your second haiku made me smile :)

Vicki - two great haiku, I'm having trouble picking a favorite. Perhaps the first, since I've seen a storage room or two like that in my life.

Morganna - 'A nice place for big projects' - indeed :)

Zhongming - I'm so excited that the narrator is going back! Can't wait to see what happens next.

Heather - haha, I remember that poem. That's pretty cool :)

Sean - love what you did with the first haiku. Very nice.

Summerfield - we will never appreciate a home the way we appreciate this one, that's for damn sure.

Nicely done with both of your haiku :)