Tuesday January 18th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: laundry day.

Our washer and dryer arrived at last this afternoon. They're not actually installed yet, but at least they're in the basement instead of... wherever the hell they were for the last week.


From a putrid pile
to a tower of freshness -
Mom works miracles.

*     *     *

While machines tumble
I study for my exam...
and that cute freshman.


Greg said...

The dryer installation should be easy; the washer only requires a little bit of plumbing... I'm told :)
Good luck with it, though I think it'll go quite smoothly after you've managed to renovate the whole cabin!
I like your first haiku best I think, though the second one reminds me of marking papers in the laundrette. The washing always seemed to go superfast then.

Laundry Day
Doctor Septopus,
Trapped alone by coyotes,
Needs his laundry done.


"Bleach washing powder,
What can go wrong?" A question
That needs no answer.

Zhongming said...

Marc - Two excellent haikus! I like the brilliant use of "Putrid" in your first haiku. After checking dictionary for it's meaning, the word actually add in so much details to the entire haiku. And i never thought that tumble could add so much details to the washing machine in your second haiku :)

Greg - I like both of your haikus, first one slightly more for "Coyotes" as i remember the last episode you wrote about it few days ago :)

Laundry day

Our buddy just keep
Rotating in the washing
Machine like motor.


She’ll start to complain
When volume of clothing rises –
So who is at fault?

Anonymous said...

Question about haiku (as I am not classically trained :)) other than 5-7-5 are there any crucial rules?

Marc - love the second one, so true. The first didnt resonate as much -- probably because I never appreciated my Mom's work (sorry Mom).

Greg - first one summed up the last week of prompts nicely. Second is why I fear laundry (maybe I should have written an acrostic on that yesterday).

Zhongming - the tumbling buddy, that was one of the first images that came to my mind as well when I saw the prompt. The second sums up so many arguments :).

Here are my attempts, tried to write one light and one dark (in honor of laundry), but of course the darks kind of bleed into the lights, as per usual.

Here kitty kitty
Where has that darn cat gone now
Check the spin cycle

His blood stained sweatshirt
No criminal mastermind
Clean now or be caught

morganna said...

Greg, dryers are actually harder than washers. Washers just need hoses attached to the proper spots with tight connections. The dryer needs its vent tubing connected at the proper angles and tightened down without crimping -- harder than it sounds -- and if it's not electric ... well, let's not go there and scare Marc. :) (Although I probably already have :) )

Lights, darks, warm and cold
Sort the laundry into piles
Ready for the wash.

Open the dryer
Check the lint filter, what
Oddity will I find?

summerfield said...

marc, good luck on the installation of the w/d. i like both of yours, the first because i'm a mom and a grandmom so i get to do miracles for those hopelessly filthy clothes that the boys bring to me; the second because i see that all the time at the laundromat when i have to wash the comforters.

re yesterday's acrostic, "lick" was a term my father used whenever i was a bad girl, which i thought referred to ice cream, but of course, when i got licked i knew it wasn't about ice cream. and then of course, i'd have used "kill" if i actually thought about it at the time :-P

greg, how's the doctor going to do laundry? he must be feeling all yucky by now he'd need some bleach powder!

zhongming, just curious if your first was out of true experience. hmmm.

dumbricht, in the december 7, 2010 prompt, there was a comment by allycatadventures, that "by haiku tradition, each line stands alone and unbroken. splitting sentences is cheating." i still cheat 'though. :-)

morganna, sorting the laundry is a good idea - always!


angora sweater:
does it go in the dyer?
that is the question.
socks, drawers and such
towels, bed sheets and what’s this?
yuk! smelly sneakers!

Marc said...

Greg - love both of yours, but I have to go with the first one as my favorite due to its tie-in with your previous writing.

Zhongming - haha, your first one paints a great image :)

Dumbricht - personally I just worry about the 5-7-5. But as Summerfield mentioned, there is the each line idea. Also I believe a traditional haiku makes some reference to the season.

Like the one light, one dark idea :) And nicely done with them both!

Morganna - well, at least it's electric...

Your second haiku made me smile.

Summerfield - like them both, though the second one definitely made me smile.