Tuesday January 11th, 2011

The exercise:

Two haiku about: motivation.

With all the cutting of wood for the house basically done, I finally got around to cleaning up the front yard this morning. I loaded up the truck with all the bits of leftover and cut laminate and trim, the ridiculous amount of cardboard that was lying around, the old kitchen counter and sink, and other various bits and bobs.

Now all that stuff is at the dump (the cardboard's in the recycling) and the front yard looks fairly reasonable again. Just about ready for us to do something with it once spring returns.


What motivates you?
To speak. To create. To breathe.
Do you even know?

*     *     *

He picks up the pen,
grabs some paper, and pretends
it's not for money.


Watermark said...


An awakening
of the senses gives a push -
fly with the feeling.


A destination
To get to, keeps me going -
That’s motivation.

Zhongming said...

Marc - your first haiku is really meditative which struck a cord in my mind and your second haiku made me smile :)

Watermark - your first haiku is exactly what it is and your second haiku sounds perfect for yourself! :)



Motivation of
A perfectionist is to
Seek near perfect dreams.


Those words that you’ve said
Motivates the rest to move
Forward like a bull!

Eu, a Vanessa Marques said...

nice, i'll try this!


Helle Kristine Tumbridge said...

Long-haired surfer boys
Bring her to the summer beach
But may cause sunburn.

Though they oft frustrate,
Those libidinous urges
Fight the wintry chill.

Greg said...

@Watermark: I like your second haiku better I think, but both are very good; they've got depth that makes you return to them to think about them again.

@Zhongming: I think I like your first one better, though the feeling of motion is the second one is very strong.

@Helle: your first haiku made me smile, which is fantastic. I'm sure they do cause sunburn! I like the more meditative tone of your second haiku too.

@Marc: Malta was for work, and I'm delighted to be able to say that I'm back now and will be re-united with my dog when the dog-sitters bring her over :)
It sounds like you've had a very productive day; you know, if you dig all the snow off the yard you can pretend Spring's starting early... ;-)
I really like your second haiku. Really, really like it. Your first one is more thoughtful but also more demanding. I'm in two minds about it (which is not saying it's bad).

When Spring comes at last
The lengthening day inspires
And I stir myself.


Shouting does not help.
If you want me to work out,
Cake motivates me.

Sheshe said...

Greg= loved the cake motivation. Helps me!
Marc=pretend you are not doing it for money! Love it.

A lot of fabric
sit on sewing machines
Now they are purses


summerfield said...

marc, love your first; rings true.

watermark, i like your second.

zhongming, "forward like a bull" yes, charge!!! very good, young man.

helle, your first brought a smile to my lips. nice.

greg, of course, cake would do it. always!

sheshe, i envy people who can work a sewing machine.



my motivation:
accomplish something worthwhile
like writing a book


type all the letters
let the words in your mind flow
fight this writer's block

Heather said...

It's been a long while since haiku and I met. Plus, I have not been this exhausted in a long time. So....

The work is quite hard,
Yet I do it with a smile.
Why not? It pays well.


It only takes one
Rotten apple to spoil
my fun. I found it.

Okay, the second one is not exactly motivating

Marc said...

Watermark - like them both, perhaps the first slightly more.

Zhongming - two perfect haiku! Well done :D I like your second one in particular.

Vanessa - feel free to share your attempts with us here :)

Helle - your first haiku made me laugh, very nicely done :D

Greg - I'm glad you liked the second one so much! I think your second one is pretty fantastic as well :)

Sheshe - thanks :) I like yours as well.

Summerfield - re: your first: sounds good to me! Re: your second: kick its butt for all of us :)

Heather - ah, definitely a resigned motivation in your first one. And no, the second one wasn't motivating, but I liked it anyway :)