Saturday January 22nd, 2011

The exercise:

A four line poem about: singing.

Next Saturday we're flying to Toronto and spending the night with some friends. The following morning we catch our flight to Jamaica. This week is going to go by real fast, I suspect.

Anyway, the point. Today I spent some time working on prompts for the days I'll be away. I think I've got about half of them done and I'm hoping to get the other half done tomorrow - that way I can just schedule them up and not worry about the blog for the two weeks we'll be away.

Of course I'll still be writing every day, and I'm sure a lot of it will end up here eventually. But yeah, there will be prompts during the honeymoon - they'll just all be scheduled.

Forgot to take a picture of the new laundry machines, but I did take this today:


Standing in front of the band,
Microphone in hand,
With painted ruby red lips,
She sings from the hips.


Greg said...

I like your laundry duck. I guess it paddles the clothes in the water with its feet to wash them, then flies around with them hanging from its beak to dry them? Very environmentally friendly!
I was wondering how the blog would fare during your (second) honeymoon; I see you have it all planned out. I shall look forward to seeing what you conjure up for us while you're not here to supervise :)

I like your poem, though it feels a little rushed. She sounds like a torch-singer to me.

Joanne sings like an angel,
Her brother, David, like an angry cat.
Together they've formed a band,
Called "Beauty -- and sweet lord, what's that?"

Zhongming said...


Its emotional intensity,
Pierces through my heart,
His voice heals my soul
Calms my inner world.

Anonymous said...

@Greg - whatever happened to Captain and Tenille

@Marc - I agree with Greg. I like, but I want more.

Water scalds my tender neck,
enticing me to comply.
They want more than they will ever get,
singing's not my style.

Anonymous said...

@zhongming - I like that - gets to the essence of good music.

Made a slight change to mine

Water scalds my tender neck,
enticing me to comply.
They want more than they will get,
singing's not my style.

Marc said...

Greg - laundry duck made me smile, the last line of your poem made me laugh out loud. So... thanks :)

Zhongming - I think you captured the idea very nicely.

Dumbricht - I like the twist on the prompt, and I think your edit - it flows more smoothly without the 'ever'.