Friday February 4th, 2011

The exercise:

Four lines of prose about: the teddy bear.

Note: I'm away on my honeymoon so this is a scheduled post.


Burpy Bear had mismatched eyes, a missing ear, and left a trail of white stuffing wherever he went. But no matter what they promised, threatened, or begged, Anthony's parents could not convince him to part with his bear. And with good reason.

Burpy Bear was the only one Anthony had told where the bodies were buried.


Heather said...

Marc- Your little piece reminds me of a movie called Identity. Great movie!

The room sat as a mausoleum, undisturbed and used only for remembering and talking to her son when it was too hard not to. Glancing around the room, Jane took a deep breath. It was time to let go. She would only keep the teddy bear he'd chewed the ear off of.

Greg said...

@Heather: That's a beautiful, if slightly macabre piece. It's hard to put much emotion into just four lines, but I think you really pull it off with this.

@marc: I love the name of the bear, and Anthony's reason for keeping him. But I am curious as to what bodies Anthony has buried, if he has a teddy-bear his parents want to get rid of!

The Teddy Bear
The teddy bear was the only toy the dog would play with. Every day, the bear would be dragged from wherever she'd hidden it, and thrown around. Delighted growls would chase it, pounce on it, and chew at its glass eyeballs until the dog grew tired, and then it would be deposited in the kitchen. And there she would pick it up, patch up the worst of the chewing, and hide it for another day.

Zhongming said...

The Teddy bear

The girl points her index finger towards the "toy-r-us" shop. It is a direct indication of her burning desire to get hold of the brown Teddy bear through the transparent glass panel. 

"Mummy, Mummy, I want that Teddy bear.

"Okay I promise but you'll have to behave properly."

David said...

@Marc - Greg is rubbing off on you.

@Greg - that was a very sweet piece. Shows a nice definition of love.

@Heather - my piece today is inspired by yours. That is the highest compliment I can give.

@Zhongming - the poem I posted on tomorrow's prompt is a nice compliment to yours - -- you capture everything I dislike about teddy bears.

Nice work everyone.

Here's mine:

Mom stood in my room, clutching Mr. Kisses, readying her needle and thread. The button eye had fallen off of the old bear again. Mom looked at my unslept-in bed. She held back tears as she wondered when her little girl would come home.

Marc said...

Heather - I`ll have to look that one up :)

A painful but beautifully captured moment. Very nicely done in so small a space.

Greg - kids are evil, that`s all I have for a response :P

That poor bear. I hope it knows it`s all done in the name of love!

Zhongming - I feel like I`ve seen that scene many a time :)

David - oh lord, I certainly hope not! :P

A perfect compliment to Heather`s contribution. Great work.